Update 3.1 Known Issues

Can you fix the friendship dialogue?

Why have you changed how enhancements work ?

When you click on enhancements it used to go to the hero that needed there badges enhanced now it goes to the hero that doesn’t have there battle badge enhanced.

This is annoying as I have no interest in enhancing the battle badges but I do want to enhance my hero badges for the daily challenge but now have to click through all my heroes to find the first hero that needs badges enhancing

Please revert this change


Wow that’s absurd

I lost all my process in with the update. The game restarted itself. I dont know what to do.


Why power promote and craft all give only red drinks which can’t be sold for gold? It’s absurd…
It makes this whole thing not good to use…

I recommend checking in case you got sent to another server by accident, check the accounts options and see if your progress is saved technically and that you just have to switch back.

If that’s not the case you can contact PerBlue’s customer service and explain to them the issues and they should be able to give you your account back.

Now she completely doesn’t use lipstick and glasses move.

Only dart now appears… but before update it was all three moves.

Are you from Core Memories?
Maybe it´s just a bug or something, idk.

I don’t understand what your saying about the Core Memories.:man_facepalming:t2:

No one asked you :man_facepalming:

Rino is probably talking about a guild


Yes. I´m in Core Memories and a champion there is called “Space Ranger Eva” so they could be them.

It’s working as intended… don’t spam click her white skill… It cycles through the options as Polaris said

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The text display issues, including the missing friend dialogue on the wall, have been fixed.



@Polaris Rocketeer still silences all enemies, not only control role as it should.

And I guess the bonus damage from disk level also works on all enemies…

@Polaris To expand on this, it may be going to heroes that have an empty badge spot. In my case it could be either but the hero it gies to for me is one that is missing 2 badges therefore a badge could be enhnaced… if i had it of course.

Maybe it was buffed, which is good

It should stay that way

@Polaris another issue is the power crafting. Because of power promote, the power craft now wont take you to the “recommended” badge to work on. Please seperate these functionalities out. That should allieviate most issues for f2p players as well.


I’ve decided that I agree with those who have said there needs to be an option to turn off Power Promote completely.

The button is huge and illuminated and completely congests that screen, and is something a lot of players aren’t going to use very often; if at all.

Please can we have an option to hide it!



Plus it’s like that since forever while the text got unchanged… reported few times before… it’s a bug.

As there are two bonuses against control role enemies, can’t be accident.

It’s good, but it doesn’t loot sell-able drinks, so yeah… bad, gold is already a big issue.

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