Update 3.1 Known Issues

It’s trash if it only silences control roles enemies :roll_eyes:

It’s better this way.

So, on servers 1 and 2, that’s $10 worth of stamina just to get one hero from white to the top rank.


more than that; that’s on top of what I’ve already got, which is around 100,000 or another 1/3 - so around $13 worth of stamina.

Plus 111m gold and 187m XP - just for levels & badge crafting.

If that’s not a Known Issue, idk what is :man_shrugging:

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Kronk’s hole keeps appearing and taking away hero even AFTER Kronk is K.Oed. it happens to me in Invasion Breaker quest

Wasn´t the Hub be no longer able to show up in City Watch, @Polaris? :thinking:

Is it possible that 3.1 undone the change to not be able to see it?

It was removed few updates ago, and it had no purpose in CW, it only made the map smaller.

I still see it on S5´s City Watch though.

… that’s weird.

Musk told me he can´t move it. I can move it freely, on both S1 and S5 account.
So I guess it fixed some and did not fix some? (The fix)

the Red Skill Slider only shows the last level of increase when it’s used - and also shows 1 less level number than the actual new level.

It seems there is some bug

Oh… it’s not just that single skill on her.

And on battle she doesn’t use at all green and blue, red skill doesn’t work as well.

Wonder if PB wanted to refresh her but leaved her accidentally in early stage…

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That is a bug associated with Red Skills in general. When you raise it by 1 level, the level in animation does not change. So when you add multiple levels, the last one doesn´t change, meaning you will always see animation for level 1 lesser than desired.

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Please change back the power craft system to what it was before. It was so easy before as it would take you straight to the badges that you needed now it makes you craft every badge take so much longer

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City watch can only be in the city. Is there anything more than a Hub Watch?

Have you noticed Power Promote? Have a look at the 3.1 patch notes.

What’s this with Carl mods :joy:

Don’t want to use power promote it used stamina in your inventory I like to control my stamina spend.


You probably got the same bug as me. Hub from CW should have been impossible to see, yet me and you see it.

Please block out your account ID number :grimacing:

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