Update 3.1 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.1 update:

These issues have been resolved:

  • Some emoji avatars are no longer usable by players.
  • Friendship dialogue is missing from the friend wall.

Finally, I have 2 more issues:
Dialogue after the introductory dialogue in friendship campaigns is hidden
Why does S21 have yellow rank in Trials/Ports?! (highest difficulties)

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Umm… don’t you mean avatars?

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All of the friendship dialogue are gone except for the disc unlock dialogue.

Emoji avatars. Updated!

Screenshot example please.

All levels are now available.


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They are siblings but don’t talk to each other during a friend campaign :thinking:


Thank you!


A little help please. The update was an hour ago, the game sends me to my Google app store, but it still isn’t giving me the option to update my game, what do I do?

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@Polaris the new badges aren’t appearing in collections

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It says update game so I click it. It takes me to the page, but it’s just uninstall or play as options. The play just takes me back to the game which takes me back to the page.


Seems like the emoji thing is fixed

I found a bug with demona in his green skill because appears the weapon of the purple skill instead of the weapon of the green skill and then the one of the green skill appears as if by magic trick and the same thing happens when it revives completely

Emoji avatar issue is fixed!


I was having the same issue. Evidently the Google Play store changed where you go to do your updates. You have to go to a separate page from your app now. Click on your name initial in the top right corner of your play store main page n it’ll give you a drop down menu. 1 of the options is updates. #changeforchangessake

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The game had a stroke


The Megabit drops from The Codebase are the same as they were for Y1 and Y0.

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Also, this screen seems like it could use some improvement -

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