Update 3.1 Patch Notes

Now they’re once again together! :heart:
Good clipart.
Great skill icons.
Amazing skillset it seems.

I just hope their stats won’t ruin the hype.

Loving it. A lot of time saved :relaxed:

Loving it as well… but won’t be used frequently, it still takes months to max a red skill :woman_shrugging:t2:

How it will look if he literally spams his white skill?!

I hope this means no more Muppets… too much.

I hope badges will be good… Y1 gave quite few good ones, I hope these will be used on more than just Finnick (barely changed anything, 250 evasion is nothing) and Zurg.


And no sign-in hero… so the data will show WHO is coming :smirk:

Amazing Update!

So happy…



The skillset actually seems interesting and simple, I’m excited, they seem quite fun.


One thing I’m ecstatic about since they’re diamond crates is we can get there awesome skill icons :tada:

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Red team is becoming stronger and stronger. Nice hero to see, but one gots to make choices.

Luckily I’m not VIP 5, cause this wouldn’t be something I would want. Misclick and lots of stuff spend…

Not bad, but also unnecessary…

This is something that looks great! I don’t do Epic CW much due to wards, but got a lot of keys. Being able to choose which heroes you would like chips for is also a great plus!!!

Hooray here as well!! Especially for port, I will be able to climb some levels!

New work to be done, with undeveloped heroes…

Hopefully Big Hero 6 will follow soon though!


Not great, but we knew…


Best update I’ve seen! I’ve waited for another up character to come and now we got 4 up characters

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Literally cannot wait!

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chef’s kiss


Happy tears :pleading_face:


No Tron?

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Ok @Polaris is this the real percentage? Because this is depressing at a 1.2% increase maxed :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t you have Tron in two already? Like 18 and 19 or something

Nope. His chips are only available in one level :confused:

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The wilderness must be explored

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Slinky still in special event? :frowning:

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Bruh… I knew Kevin is coming

You gotta love the quick promote, it’s like part of VIP 5 but for free!

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Anyway, one thing to say, not a fan of chubby kid and bird at all.
Two, no Megabit scaling, Battle Badges are doomed.
Three, no balancing of cost issues of badges (yet?) - I personally WANT to see that one handled for Power Promote even being impactful. 600 stamina consumables at double drops from Orange to Red and another 6000 from Red to Yellow is just too much.
It wouldn´t be enough if the free stamina was higher but nada.

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Interesting character, wakkatu says the duratation of the energize is pretty long


Not at red so :man_shrugging:

Gotta appreciate them

Revive once per wave thing is great though :+1:

That’s cool we’ve got to see another character from Up. Russel and Kevin.

None of these improvements are exciting to me in the slightest; not even moderately interesting. I’ll never have the need for a Red Skill slider or a Power Promote, and I’m sure neither will 99% of the player base. Being able to dump $100s worth of resources with 1 button press is a frightening thought.

I’ve never seen the error when enhancing Battle Badges as I’ve only ever tried to use the free one since the cost is ludicrous.

I won’t raid CW either as I usually want to cycle more than 5 heroes in & out. I assume it will still be possible to battle it manually? Are raid tickets even going to be required for raiding it?

Will this be 1.2% at level 12? Yikes, look out!

That’s a shame, I found it useful in reminding me to enter Surge to check for the 3rd or 4th time whether my rewards from the previous day had dropped yet.


It says you only need epic keys…

Good but…

I can agree with this, it takes too long to max red skill, epic CW is “available” every 3rd day and hero chips won’t appear from nowhere.

I hope at least skill chips from epic CW will be doubled really soon, it will make these changes actually useful.

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Art looks great, skillset looks OP, it’ll be interesting to see the numbers.

Yes, yes, it’s nice that they’ll be readily available to most players, but are we ever going to see Slinky leave his crate?

So, if you need bits for badge X to promote to P1 and for badge Y to promote to O4, will the game be smart enough to raid a node where both bits are present, even if one of them isn’t featured on the screen when you go to the node? E.g., could it go to 30-4 if you need Sea Duck, Little Helper, and Blank Check bits for different ranks, or will it seek out three different nodes for those bits? And what about Craft All?

Great news for those who keep well-stocked in Stamina Consumables at all times; a horrifying trap for those of us who have to carefully hoard them to spend only when there’s a double drop active. Will there be a way to opt out of this feature?

I admit I had my doubts that PerBlue would do something this simple, straightforward, and unreservedly beneficial to players; thanks, this looks like it might be the best change since the invasion tier requirements were lowered!

Just to clarify: this means that, in a campaign battle, Judy Hopps could revive in each of the three waves of that battle, and in a breaker wave, she could revive in each of the 10 battles of that wave? (And why am I just now realizing how inconsistent that terminology is?) Also, what of City Watch: could she, if necessary, revive in each of the 15 battles of a full City Watch?

Finally; it’ll be nice to try out the new levels as soon as they’re released, rather than waiting until I’ve maxed my team level.

No Tron? I hope he’s returning to the shops soon; there’s absolutely no way to work on his red skill if he’s available on only one Elite Campaign node. Even having a hero on two nodes, like Timon & Pumbaa, is somewhat restricting.

Overall it looks like a good update; I just hope there’s a way to turn off Power Crafting using Stamina Consumables, though I suspect I’ll just have to train myself to pay attention to the costs and my stamina supply.

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