Update 3.2 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.2

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.2 Update! This release features Shego from Disney’s Kim Possible! We’re adding Hero Filters to help you filter and sort your heroes based on their skills and class. Plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Shego from Disney’s Kim Possible!
  • New! Hero Filters to help you sort and filter your heroes!
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements!


Shego is a front-line “Damage” character on the Blue team. Shego will be available in Diamond Crates


Plasma Beam

Shego blasts a plasma beam through enemies, dealing damage to each enemy.

Energy Ball

Shego lobs two balls of green plasma at the farthest enemy, dealing damage with each hit and applying Shatter.

That’s My Job!

When Shego reaches a percent of her Max HP she flies into a rage, increasing her attack speed and healing herself each time she damages a Shattered enemy. This attack speed buff is increased per Shattered enemy.

Evil Intentions

Every few Basic Attacks, Shego applies Shatter to enemies she damages.

Evil Sidekick

“Plasma Beam” damages enemies more times. When an enemy has Shatter applied to them, Shego gains a Shield.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Heroes perform Basic Attacks
  • Stat Buff: +Basic Damage
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Damage ally
  • Effect Buff: +Attack Speed


  • Kim Possible
  • Kronk

New! Hero Filters!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Hero Filters, which allow you to easily filter your Hero collection to find the right Heroes for the job! Hero Filters can be accessed by using the Filter button on the “Heroes” and “Choose Your Heroes!” screens.

Hero Filters have several different Filter Types that represent larger groups of Individual Filters.
Filter Types include:

These Filters cover broad categories that Heroes may fall under, things like Tank Role and Blue Team. Note that the Team and Role options have been removed from the Sort dropdown menu now that they have their own Individual Filters

These Filters correspond to negative status effects that are applied to enemies, things like Stun and Silence.
These Filters correspond to positive status effects that are applied to allies, things like Shields and Hardy.
These Filters correspond to stat decreases applied to enemies, things like reduced Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
These Filters correspond to stat increases applied to allies, things like increased Armor and Reality.

Each Filter Type is made up of various Individual Filters that share the same theme

Individual Filters directly correspond to a single effect that a Hero can contribute to a fight

  • For example, you can find all the Heroes that Stun by toggling the Stun Individual Filter ON

Discover Heroes in your collection by toggling any combination of Individual Filters ON!

  • As you create your Hero Filters you’ll see each Individual Filter added to your “Filters Selected” section
  • Before you apply your Hero Filter, you’ll be able to see how many Heroes meet the criteria in the “Heroes in Filter” section.

  • Tapping on the “Heroes in Filter” section shows you a preview of which Heroes match your current Hero Filter

How the different Filter Types work

  • For a Hero to show up in a Hero Filter they need to meet some of the General Individual Filters and all of the other Individual Filters from the different Filter Types.
  • For example:
    • Creating a Hero Filter with Red Team, Stun, and Curse would show you all Red Heroes that both Stun and Curse.
    • If you then toggled ON the Blue Team Individual Filter, you would now add all Blue Heroes that both Stun and Curse.

New! Hero Search!

In this update we’re also adding in the ability to search through your Heroes by name! You can search your Heroes by using the Search button on the “Heroes” and “Choose Your Heroes!” screens.

Searching on the “Heroes” screen will allow you to quickly find Heroes of interest by typing their name

Use Hero Search on the “Choose Your Heroes!” screens to quickly update your lineup

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Gizmoduck’s armor debuff not being removed from the Mega Virus at rage level 25. Mega Virus is now clearing the debuff and Gizmoduck is losing the armor stolen by the debuff.
  • Fixed an issue where Angel could revive more than once per battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Fozzie’s Battle Badge would not always charge correctly when opponents were slowed
  • Fixed an issue where Sheriff of Nottingham and Donald Duck could get into a skill loop resulting in a combat crash
  • Fixed an issue with Megavolt’s purple skill where it would trigger Pleakley’s Alien Disguise disk and cause Megavolt to be slowed.
  • Added some text to Esmeralda’s white skill text to clarify that she can’t use that skill when she doesn’t have any allies.
  • Fixed a bug with Kronk’s purple skill where he wouldn’t reappear after being KO’d
  • Clarified Fairy Godmother’s skills - she will not heal herself with her basic attack even if she’s the only hero on the team
  • Fixed an issue where Demona’s animations in the skills tab would display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Calhoun was showing up incorrectly as the narrator in a number of friendships

Other Improvements

  • Added an attack log to the Codebase. You can now see either your top 10 scoring battles, or the 10 most recent battles.
  • To prevent players from being stuck by the Mod cap, Mods can now be sold for Mod Power. The amount of Mod Power gained is based on the level and secondary effect level of the Mod.
  • We changed the way Team and Role Crate data is stored to make them more efficient. We are removing the inventory limits on these crates so they will no longer automatically open. The content of the Team and Role crates will still function the same way - dropping content that was available at the time they were added to your inventory. Because of this change, the content of any Team and Role Crates currently in your inventory will be ‘upgraded’ to the current release.
  • Added an Open 100x button on Team and Role Crates
  • Adjusted the shop logic so if you have all the components to craft a badge, it will no longer display a dot notification on the badge
  • Added a new time filter to the Arena and Coliseum Challenger seasons rankings. You can now look at rankings for the Last Season, Last 3 Seasons (default), Last 6 Seasons, All Time

Bug Fixes

  • Made improvements to touch locations and text layout on some devices
  • Fixed an issue where the music would stop playing on the main screen
  • Fixed an issue in the Hero Mastery Shop where the next tier of cosmetics wouldn’t unlock correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the combat info screen numbers were not displaying correctly in Codebase
  • Fixed an issue where the Guaranteed Cosmetic Crate warning pop up would not display if you have all the cosmetics unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the choose difficulty screen on Port and Trials to lag
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of gold in a deal could display as a negative number and no gold would be awarded upon purchase. We compensated anyone who purchased these deals.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Hero: Shego will only be available in Diamond Crates

Existing Hero: Russell & Kevin will be available in Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, July 6, 2021.


Already loving this update!


Shego is here!

I still think Shego/Meg would’ve been an awesome campaign for her, but this works (although I find the fact that both her and Drakken have a Friendship Campaign with Kronk a bit… odd, tbh).

These look SICK!!!


Yay! I’m one of the first to post and say…

Thanks for bringing in another character from KP that I have next to no knowledge about except she looks like an evil twin of KP.



I feel like her face looks a bit… weird? In purple skill icon too

Nice update though!


Yes more Kim Possible characters


Loving this, also I just spent all my diamonds on qj so I better save them up now…


Its shego! (wondering why no friendship for drakken?)

And the hero filtering! :confetti_ball:


Grumble grumble…snort…grumble…sigh…

Looks like I’ll have to get her to Purple, at least…


I’m loving this update with Shego and some of the additions/improvements…
One question I have @Polaris is when is the nerf for Shatter now that Shego is coming and will make blue invasion so much easier and seeing how y’all at PB don’t want us to have a fun during Blue Invasion and have probably been monitoring Kevin in Red invasion giving Shatter to the bot easily KO’ing the bot in 5 seconds… sad days are ahead for heroes with Shatter having a damage limit…
I don’t want it nerfed but it doesn’t seem like we have a choice sadly :pensive:

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I will say, we aren’t asking for Shatter to get nerfed though so at least I would say we should just wait and see what happens :-).


She looks a bit odd :thinking:
But not drastically odd.

Well, this is not really… beautiful looking, same as Ian’s and Barley’s blue skill icons.

Oh… why not fantastic crit or evasion?
Speed is pretty useless.

Again? Why not Drakken?


Interesting spoilers.

And uh… good new feature.


Amazing changes!

Great update!


These filters will come in handy once I get yet another challenge in which I need to apply a certain status a ton of times.

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Probably Shatter but for Normal Damage?


Its better than having another Toy Story character


I hear ya, brother. I hear ya…

I was thinking the same thing. I had a concept for it called Exposed, but I guess Pierce works, too.


Time to nerf Shatter against bots! :joy:

Huh? Mod cap?

Okey? Open 100x on Gold Crates when?




I will say, it is fine that you aren’t a fan of the Kim Possible series, but no need to be negative and bring down the feel for others :-).

It is fine to “Agree to Disagree” on tastes and preferences.

And anyway, I think the Kim Possible character slots are likely filled now so I doubt we will get more Kim Possible characters now after Shego :-).


Not a kim possible fan?


I love that show but more characters from the show is enough

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