Update 3.5.10 Patch Notes

:arrow_up: This, 100%. In case you haven’t noticed, we do have quite a few forum members who post wild speculation while implying (or even outright saying) that they know it’s what will happen.

(edit: apparently I replied to the wrong comment while quoting the comment I did want to reply to; sorry for any confusion that may cause)


Still no Ariel or Gadget resize? Gadget is still incredibly small during the battle entrance animation, and Ariel is just too small overall…


she is correct. even to be said too big

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I’d say her overall size in the actual battle is fairly executed.

Well see what happens

Can Chip and Dale fly a plane? l thought it was only Gadget that knew!

Well, he did…

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Strange that Raya doesn’t have friendship with Mulan because they’re both warriors.

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Hello, Loutre!
I m from server 22.
I have a big issue with some players who takes game private like their own property.
Many of them let fake story about me as person without evidence on Vip chat and in private chats. Main and key player who do to me is Queen Simo from guild Invictus.

A lot of them are against me without evidence or reason and I have all SS what they told me and insult me. Do PerBlue let people to insult others?
I m here to play and be friend like in person not to insult peoples.
Also, on Vip chat one insult me public, please ban that player.
Big regards and thanks for taking my message
P. S. I tried to send private message but you can not recive it.

Tag Loutre with the @ symbol

Have you tried reporting them?

As in a ticket?

Also wrong thread
Also Loutre isn’t on forums for the holidays, which may also be the reason your ticket hasn’t been seen yet :confused:


I report but honestly I m affraid that noone will helps me.

I said if I insult someone ever let evidence om public and I will take any punishment for my acts and words.

I m just adult person who have a sense for others and their conditional state whatever they are in current moment.

Now, 30 of them insult me public and private to others. Some of them relived me in pm what they said. It is so said. They think game is private property to them. They think that nobody cant touches them. Are we (all players who arent rich and are normal) going to be trethed like we dont deserve friends, playing and talking?

They’ll get punishment with time.

As long as they’re getting reported by other players, this will come to Per Blue’s attention.


I believe in that which is normal situation.
Problem is that they are together (around 30 of them) who get close together and talking about me to public without any SS or similar. I take SS on Vip chat when one of them swear and insult me directly. Also, I have all messages for evidence how they act and what they are trying. Many of players have similar issue with lot of them.
@Gemini_Sun thanks for taking you time for reading my message and respond on it


Mulan and Raya being Friends, at least that one I can see the connection.
Odd that they don’t have a Friendship campaign.

I hadn’t really noticed before, thank you for identifying the potential source of misinformation.
The only thing I was really aware of was someone insisting that certain characters were banned from being added to the game, but I think that was based on a deep personal resentment rather then an actual rule.

That is why I only take Dev statements as 100% reliable.

Still wondering if Ariel has had her size fixed yet to match the other Princesses.
According to the patch notes, Gadget got some fixing for her scale issues.


The devs confirmed that a few characters, for example Mary Poppins or Edna Mode, can’t come to the game. But they aren’t many


For Ducky and Bunny, I saw it 2 years ago, and then it was removed.

Speaking of which, I wonder what heroes are they friends with, even though we will never know who they are.

Wow. Talk about a renouncing disaster. I guess they will be added back at further notice if they were to be in design again. That, along with Riley, because the emotions are in the game.

YES FINALLY my girl Raya is here!!!


You were right about the first part, but were wrong on the other part. It was the Plunger Hold Skill, but I’ve seen some improvement rescaling for Gadget in the lineup. On the other hand, I’ve seen that Gadget’s size is still to small for the first part of her entrance animation, and her hero icon.

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