Update 3.5.10 Patch Notes

I meant cyberse

You can just edit the post…
And also, you could have put both of these posts in the same post…

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They should do refresh on jack sparrow like he really needs it lol

He is fine :expressionless:

All 3 are detectives.

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I think that her first appearance, and wounded Ducky and Bunny sound like a perfect addition to the second costume collection, so PB might add them back. Bunny’s costume hasn’t come back for a long time like the way Kim Possible was, yet it’s still in design.

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Disgust, Sadness, and Fear only have a few friendships. I think PB could add more of theirs next year.

Truth. The only lnside Out characters that have the most friendships are Joy and Anger.

What do you mean about a wouded Ducky & Bunny costume? Where did you get the information that they has this type of costume even though it’s not been added to the game yet?


Now the question is if Rapunzel is Raya’s only friendship who will be the second one?

Maybe Sisu, the dragon from the movie.


Generally when a hero launches with only 1 friendship, that means the 2nd friendship is with a character that hasn’t released yet, so the dragon might be a possible upcoming hero at some point.


Hoping the second Friendship slot is being reserved for Sisu.

I would be extremely disappointed if they gave Raya a second random Friendship just to meet the quota.

I don’t know if it’s a gameplay rule, but I would prefer that every character has a Friendship with one other character from their franchise.

I am curious if we’ll get other Raya and the Last Dragon characters in time, it would be absolutely amazing to get all the core cast and a collection too.


I wouldn’t. Because as the default, that’s boring. They should only share the franchise if they’ve got a really good idea for the story/dialogue, e.g. Chef and Bunsen.


Probably Sisu.


I think we established that Mirabel (or anyone else from Encanto) is not coming any time soon.

So is like a quarter of the roster. Gender has got nothing to do with it.

What does that even mean?

Like gender, skin color has got nothing to do with it

So does almost every Disney movie there ever was.

What does that got to do with anything?

That sounds kind of insulting to both Columbian and southeast Asian culture

If this is a spoiler, then please don’t say it out loud.

Anyway, all signs definitely point to Sisu as an obvious choice. With Raya here, Sisu can’t be too far behind.


This is a basic trope for animated films.


Rayas frenemy is namari and mirabels frenemy is isabella

What tangent did we end up going to?
If I understand the logic path, someone from Encanto is going to be Raya’s second friend instead of Sisu.
I would hope this is just innaccurate speculation, I want a Raya&Sisu Friendship Campaign, not some random pairing I do not comprehend.

I don’t think Encanto is even a content consideration at this time, nothing in this topic has even suggested it’s under design for implementation.


Sisu & Raya is still possible if Raya’s second friend is not Sisu…


OMG! Raya est enfin là, j’adore ce film et je suis tellement excitée de la débloquer. J’espère qu’elle sera très bonne à utiliser, et elle a même du piercing. mise à jour incroyable.

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