Update 3.5.10 Patch Notes

It was :man_shrugging:

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Well, just because it’s difficult to come up with one, that doesn’t mean no one will.

I agree, maybe in 2019 it wasnt easy to make non-combat heroes, but we’ve had a lot of interesting heroes from the team, a few that comes to mind immediately:
Joy deals no damage and only heals
Kermit used to be a difficult hero to animate, but we got him
Fairy Godmother isnt a combat hero either

Edna could be a great support, giving heroes extra utilities, boosting power, energizing maybe?

I also imagine her as a tank, using her security systems to keep people out (like Stitch’s lazer, Goliath’s Iron Guard)

On a separate note:
Great Patch Notes.
Haven’t seen Raya yet, but looking forward to her introducing Pierce and the other improvements qre always welcome :slight_smile:


Please make the hero refreshment for Ursula in the next update!

have PB announced when the next Prize Wall will start?

Maybe on the update day, or the first day of December.


What is with these flags? :confused:

Was always on Thursday

@Loutre Will Raya be added to the Princesses collection?

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It depends on whether Raya is an official Disney Princess or not


Kida isn’t in the official Princesses either

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Disney themselves confirmed that she would join the Princesses roster, so it just comes down to PB to decide whether or not she’s worthy of joining that collection.

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Yeah like they say she’s a Princess but not really a Princess just like Mulan

But still…

I know and I bet she’s gonna join the Princess collection


I feel like Elsa should’ve joined the Princess collection (despite being a queen) since both her and Anna were part of it in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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I’m super excited for Raya


I’m so confused why this is a thing @Loutre because me and a lot of guildmates without buying tokens usually get to around stage 40-60 so the rewards for stage 70 and 100 are completely for whales :unamused:


But Stage 30…

According to what I researched, Raya has yet to be officially confirmed as a Princess by Disney.
I am uncertain if PerBlue can add her to the Princess Collection without Disney adding her to the list of official Princesses.

I’d say Raya is more like Moana, Chieftain’s daughter rather then actual Princess.
Her title Princess of Heart isn’t actually indicative of royalty, it simply means she’s a warrior who guards the Dragon Gem.
I wonder why they didn’t give Raya a Friendship with Moana for her first one, since they both have a connection to the water and are chieftain’s daughters.

Unfortunately, since Disney desire to minimize Atlantis, Kida is highly unlikely to become a official Princess.

I’m not sure where Frozen stands in the lineup, my impression is that Disney wants Frozen to be a standalone franchise, so never connected Elsa and Anna to the Princess franchise.


Update Day! :tada:

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