Update 3.5.10 Patch Notes

And this is based on…? Something lame and unimaginative like “They both Asian!” or “They both fight!”?


One thing I hope happens next year is Raya’s coronation so she can be added to the Disney Princess collection :pray:


Who could be Raya’s second friendship?

Excited!! Love to see the pierce-thing being used finally and she seems very cool (and of course she is a cool character in her movie as well, so maybe a bit bias there).

Interested to see what this is going to mean! Though the idea fits her character nice!

Only thing negative is that she comes in the team that doesn’t need very strong heroes atm. Would have been perfect if she had joined the Yellow team, but you can’t have everything.

A bit weak, but I tend to ignore the sign-in last months anyway (since Prize Walls kinda forces to upgrade that hero)

Very nice! I still love to use her sometimes, but a buff is very welcome for her! Wouldn’t have thought she would get it, but I’m glad she did!

Hmm, was always a very nice bug really, so that she could fight back a bit faster. Though it is what it is.

I hope this won’t be the faith for the just added ‘old’ borders that have not been added to the cosmetic crates options or the Hero Mastery shop. That would be very sad.

Yeah, Elsa really has a great day!

Aside from Bolt and Wasabi, all those other characters will take the elite campaign slots of those who replace them in the shops. So for example Linguini & Remy take Carl’s spot

Remember when Loutre said that just buffing stats was “a bad way to refresh heroes”? What changed?

A deficit of hero designers. That happened.


Hope we see Sisu too!

The last question probably awnsers the first. I’m not a dataminer so I couldn’t tell for sure, but it would make sense.

Finally chip and Dale are here and I’m glad Raya is here too


Not as if she desperately needed one… plenty of older heroes that could use a stat buff at least.

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When did I say that?


Now it’s just… both are Princesses… both “lost” their parents… both can fight… call this an improvement.


Chip and Dale/Basil because they’re both detectives.
Chip and Dale/Kronk because Kronk understands the squirrel language.


On the Bolt patch notes

Raya! Chip and dale! Yes! Now we need sisu!

All those things apply to Rapunzel as well :man_shrugging:

So that’s why Raya’s friendship is Rapunzel

Link to this quote please. I remember saying that we would be doing stat buffs while we were working on training up our new designers.


Here… so something… someone gone wrong.

That was the point against Zelkiiro. :confused:
No idea why are you saying this.
And nor Mulan or Kim lost their parents.


Full context please. OH! I remember you guys wanted us to just do stat refreshes very quickly and that is not how that works. That would be a bad way to do refreshes.

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