Update 3.5.10 Patch Notes

Oh, I haven’t heard about there being new designers. That clears things up, sorry.

Yup! A 5 minute just raise some numbers is a bad way to do refreshes!


Why would that be a point against the friendship? Isn’t this proof Raya and Rapunzel share a lot?

Oops, got confused a bit, maybe cause Mulan is a princess though. Even though, my apologies!

They both look like heroes that would work well with my current roster, and they’ll both be readily available (even if upgrading Chip & Dale will be slow going at first); I’ll have to take a look at them in the game to see if I’m going to allocate resources to them. Though Chip & Dale having Zipper does seem to make it a bit less likely that we’ll be seeing Monterey Jack.

Interesting; she still seemed decent to me, no longer in the top tier of damage heroes but not borderline useless either. I’m curious as to how much her stats will be bosted.

Now I’m wondering how long this issue has been going on, and if it might explain creep surge getting dramatically harder. I really think creep surge could use some tweaks anyway; it’s frustrating seeing the same meta heroes in a majority of the strongest four regions, plus having a limited number of counters for some of those heroes makes it harder to advance in surge.

Finally; I just hope it’ll be on the wall that we can access from the primary hero’s screen, although it may prove difficult following the conversations without the context of the inter-battle narration.

Yeah, I was hoping stat buffs would be used alongside traditional refreshes, not as a replacement for them. Maybe after the new hires are up to speed on the game, we can see more complete refreshes, possibly even with an extra refresh every few months to make up for the ones that have been skipped this year.

While there are a lot of heroes, even a lot of damage heroes, who could use a stat boost more urgently than Elsa, I wouldn’t go that far. Despite the proliferation of freeze-centered teams, thanks to Mr. Big & Koslov, Honey Lemon, and Kristoff & Sven, I rarely see her in Arena, so obviously something is lacking.

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As said before… and now, that was the purpose of the “Supporting Heroes Buffs” from 2 years ago.

And it was good and enough for some heroes with good skillsets but bad stats. :confused:
And still will be.

So no, it is good.

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Ah, we aren’t asking for stat boosts for 1 character instead of 1 refresh, we meant like 3-5 characters getting stat buffs in the same patch rather than only 1 stat buff or 1 refresh, so like quantity you could say.

Most ideal would be like this with both refreshes and stat buffs, which was what we meant :-).

Just so many characters lagging behind so getting some many newer characters, so giving older characters some stat buffs at the same time as refreshes would be really nice so they can be helped a bit ^^.

Or alternatively like this, both work well for us players :-).


Well this is the second time a character comes to the game the same year their movie comes out

Way more times… but sadly it doesn’t happen as much now as before.

Well I only remember Ian

By how much anyways…?

What is the chance…? And why it can’t be just guaranteed… as it’s even needs maxed red skill to work.

I’m so excited for Raya since I loved Raya and the Last Dragon. As for Chip and Dale, I’m so excited for those characters too!

And also, you put the letter “Y” in this post. Can you fix it?

By that logic, do think two certain sea monsters might make it to the city before the year is out? :smirk:

Now we need Sisu Namaari Boun Little Noi and Tong

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And a cat that they both know.


That is a lot of characters to then rebalance after changing their stats. If it was as easy as just changing some numbers that would be more possible. Our designers look into the characters they think could use stat changes, work on those changes and then have to run them through our balancer which can take hours to a full day depending on how things go. It can also take multiple runs through the balancer.

This is why I said just changing numbers and a quick 5 minute stat change is a bad idea because they could then just be horribly unbalanced.

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Why it wasn’t someone who never got a refresh? Elsa already got her 5 minutes.

Just increase all core stats for the starting heroes by 100-200%. Easy and safe, they won’t destroy meta but would become more useful.
Same for heroes like Mickey or Joy.

It really seems to find any reason to not do anything to older heroes now, it really sucks.


Again, not how things work. We have to run them through the balancer when changes are made to make sure nothing breaks.

Ok, this is epic

What would even break?

Ralph with his new 80M HP against newer heroes with over 200M HP and much longer debuffs and still damage?


Darn, I thought I would have some fun and get a reaction out of you. Seeing how much you looove Luca. (mischievous giggle) :smirk:

But looking at what you said now, it make no sense.

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