Update 5.4.01-B Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.4.01-B

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.4.01-B Update! This release features updated content rotation!


Update! New Stats for Rose

NEW! Chapters, Rank, and Team Level.


Rose is a Front-Line “Damage” hero on the Red team. Catch Rose in the Prize Wall now through September 28th. Thanks to your feedback, we’re giving Rose a boost today! Check out what we’ve changed below:

Rifting Impact

  • Increased True Damage dealt
  • Increased HP percentage Healed from damage received

Nimble Leap

  • Increased Normal Damage dealt

Valiant Slash

  • Increased Fantastic Damage dealt
  • Increased the amount of Energy removed from enemies
  • Increased the percentage of additional Fantastic Damage dealt per enemy hit

Swift as Light

  • Increased True Damage dealt
  • Increased stacks of Weakness

Dauntless Journey

  • Increased the percentage of Armor and Reality gained from using a stack of Hardy
  • Increased bonus True Damage to “Rifting Impact”

Dream On

  • Increased Armor provided to Rose and allies
  • Increased Reality provided to Rose and allies

Creature Finders

  • Increased Max HP provided to Rose and allies

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Servers 1 & 13 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 390 to 395
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Emerald+1
  • Chapter 73: “Oasis Assault” NEW!
    • Nick Wilde, Kevin Flynn, Moana, Alice, Goofy, “Timon and Pumba”, and Yzma

Servers 21 & 25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 365 to 375
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow+28
  • Chapter 68: “Cooking Servers” NEW!
    • Felix, Dash, Rex, Aladdin, Flash, Miguel, “Simba and Nala”
  • Chapter 69: “Picking Teams” NEW!
    • “Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo”, Quorra, Jessie, Mushu, “Statler and Waldorf”, Madam Mim, Oogie Boogie

Addressing Campaign Difficulty

We see your feedback on refreshes making early game Campaign or Friendship Campaign Difficulties too challenging and blocking meaningful progression. We want to let you know that we are working on making these more accessible through these early ideas of adjustments. Please let us know what you think of these changes so we can make sure we deliver the best gameplay experience possible:

  • Adding quick fighting to Normal and Elite Campaign
  • Adding a scaling debuff to Max HP, Basic Damage, Skill Power, Armor, and Reality stats to older Campaign Chapters
  • Adjusting the stamina and skill point caps

These changes are in early stages, but we are working on getting them available before the year is over! Your feedback is appreciated and very valuable to us, so please keep them coming!

This is a server update that will roll over automatically on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 5am CT.


Nothing for Pegasus, Sally, Negaduck. :joy:


That would be enough, but ok.


So sally is still gonna take over all campaigns and defense ok😂


Hmmm… any time on that?


I think it’s on September 19th but I may be wrong


It says today twice


Oh ok thanks for correcting me lol I thought it was the 19th because everything is the 19th except for rose

I find it suspicious that some of the characters in the elite stages got a refresh except for 3 which is madam mim oggie boogie and nick wilde that may be a sign of refreshes

Thanks for the stat boost for rose

I added an edit from the team that came in hot. We do hear your feedback and are working on a solution.


Lets just make rose stupidly op and not nerf


This is great if the amount is significant

The other two points… I mean I don’t see anything wrong with them per se. But those 3 heroes still need nerfs (and honestly a few more do too) outside of campaigns


Ok cool :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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This is best.

Would be nice if there could be a discussion about removal of them and adjusting just the timer right.

This means practically nothing.

The only problem I can see is with refreshed and new heroes - please can you discuss with the team a cap for the scaling of base stats?
It is really ridiculous that some heroes barely reach 1B (most of non-refreshed heroes), yet others can have 500B+ (namely Pegasus, Sally, Negaduck, Elastigirl and other newest / recently refreshed heroes including Rose).

I don´t mind heroes being good, but indirectively that must also mean the non-refreshed and previously refreshed are not razed into the ground immediately.


this doesn’t affect campaign difficulty whatsoever :man_shrugging:

this sounds potentially helpful

this also doesn’t affect campaign difficulty whatsoever, but should be looked at with every cap raise regardless

Otherwise, Rose wasn’t the problem, the other hero’s stats are simply too high.


Back to back patch notes we see Rose

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Like… WHY @Samm?

To note - all heroes are at 390/390/370/350/270 EXCEPT Rose.
This hurts.

Balance RIP :skull_and_crossbones:


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This is honestly very good and helpful.

But for meantime, please listen, and nerf Sally, Pegasus, and Negaduck (Th). These 3 completely ruins the balance.


I think people are being too harsh on Negaduck when the only nerf he needs is a bigger timer on the HK disk. The damage and everything else is fine.

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