Update 5.5.01 Patch Notes

Hey, everyone! Just a quick heads up here that we’ve got a hot fix coming with the following changes and fixes:

Fixes a crash with Abu
Fixes a crash that was occurring with Patch Talent 4
Stamina & Skill Point regen rate changes:

  • Skill Point UI fix
  • Skill Point regen rate down to 2.5 min from 5 min
  • Stamina regen rate to be 3x faster

The release date and time is still unknown, but we are working to get this out as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!


Try again with abu crash, green skill on android is sitll broken


Since this crash is affecting war hits - there needs to be an immediate adjustment- or suspension of war until this is resolved (or take game down and remove penalty for dc temporarily


if you read the whole patch note, you’ll notice that this update hasn’t been released yet and there’s no eta, for now


And so far nothing has been resolved regarding Pegasus unbalanced damage and Negaduck’s reflecting infinitely


Thanks for the update!

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O jogo está crashing sozinho, em qualuqer modo de luta, não consigo jogar e fazer nada hoje e ontem dps da atualização.

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Um. This is unexpected, and a definite improvement.

Although the important parts of this patch are the crash fixes. If those work, anything else is gravy.


This Will Be Good:D Ty for the Update


The game is still crashing on my Samsung phone when Abu uses his green skill

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You meant groovy?

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Not only do the patch notes specify that the patch hasn’t been released yet, but we’ve already had another player making this same complaint and being corrected.

…Actually, that also works.


Either way works,I just thought you misspelled it jody

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A few hours ago I saw Kuzco in the game now I don’t see him

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Yeah what’s happened with that?

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Hopefully it gets fixed otherwise it’s going to screw up war wins for guilds

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Yeah and Kuzco’s prize wall is supposed to be tomorrow and I hope that gets fixed. The appearance of the prize wall I mean.

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The game crashing so much just made it clear I should give up on leveling abu and I definitely will.

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It’s best we don’t use Abu and I don’t even use him

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The game crashes in combined license test battles, only crashes after it has already been tested on different devices

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