Update 5.6.01-C Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.6.01-C

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.6.01-C Update! This release features content adjustments for all servers. As a reminder, PerBlue offices will be closed starting tomorrow, November 23rd, and will return Monday, November 27th in observance of the US Holiday Thanksgiving. Many thanks from the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode team for continued support for the game, and we hope you enjoy the events we have in store for you!


  • New! Patch Season, Battle Pass, Content & Shop Rotation

Patch Season 14 Information

Season 13 of Patch is almost over, and we’re enthusiastic about sharing our awesome Season 14 plans with you!

The fourteenth Season of Patch will begin after the release of the 5.6.01-C update and will run for 4 weeks. After the update goes live, you’ll be able to see the season’s Featured Franchises but the Franchise Trials won’t be available until 9:00 AM CT the next morning.

This season introduces 11 new Heroes into the Patchable Hero pool, spanning 3 Franchises:

  • Wildcard
  • Ducktales
  • Atlantis

Hero Improvements

The following heroes will be refreshed earlier than usual as a Thank You for sticking with us and playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! All refreshed heroes will receive a boost to their BD, HP, and SP base stats. Here is the list of heroes getting a refresh today:

  • Audrey Ramirez
  • Basil
  • Bolt
  • Donald Duck
  • Gizmoduck
  • Helga
  • Huey, Dewey, & Louie
  • Kida
  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Luca & Alberto
  • Magica De Spell
  • Meilin Lee
  • Milo Thatch
  • Powerline
  • Rocketeer
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • The Horned King
  • Twenty Two
  • Vinny Santorini

Eda Clawthorne

  • Eda will also be receiving a buff today, thanks to the feedback you’ve provided for us! We are always happy to receive your thoughts on how to improve the gameplay experience, so please keep them coming!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Existing Heroes

  • Dante Becomes the next Battle Pass Hero!
  • Kuzco is now IAP exclusive
  • Disgust replaces Kermit in the CW Shop
  • Madam Mim replaces Sadness in the Surge Shop
  • Kim Possible replaces Hades in the Arena Shop
  • Judy Hopps replaces Maleficent in the Coliseum Shop
  • Shank replaces Megara in the Heist Shop
  • Rapunzel replaces Animal in the War Shop

Servers 1 & 13 Update

  • Chapter 8: “Stage Line” Update!
    • Violet, Mr Incredible, Megara, Rocketeer, Calhoun, and Chief Bogo
  • Chapter 9: “Counter Line” Update!
    • Jasmine, Buzz, Calhoun, Scrooge McDuck, and Megara
  • Chapter 16: “Unfinished Business” Update!
    • Ariel, King Triton, Elsa, Megara, and Genie
  • Chapter 29: “Comb The City” Update!
    • Bo Peep, Anger, “Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo”, Animal, Helga, and Basil
  • Chapter 35: “626” Update!
    • Sadness, Mulan, “Linguini and Remy”, Dr Facilier, and Gizmoduck
  • Chapter 36: “Just Beachy” Update!
    • Powerline, Sadness, Stitch, Manticore, and Kermit
  • Chapter 39: “What’s Next” Update!
    • Kermit, Namari, Helga, Maximus, Daisy Duck, Hades, Ian Lightfoot
  • Chapter 40: “The Portal Room” Update!
    • Li Shang, Donald Duck, Ian Lightfoot, Maleficent, and Snow White
  • Chapter 42: “Servers Up” Update!
    • Snow White, Basil, Go Go, Demona, Maleficent, Hades, and “Lock, Shock, and Barrel”
  • Chapter 58: “Portal Quest” Update!
    • Agent P, “Ducky and Bunny”, Quorra, Mushu, and Sadness
  • Chapter 66: “Never, Again?” Update!
    • Miss Piggy, Sally, Animal, “Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo”, Minnie Mouse, and Belle
  • Chapter 71: “Look Homeward” Update!
    • Miss Piggy, Colette, “Luca and Alberto”, Animal, “Kristoff and Sven”, and Megavolt

Servers 21 & 25 Update

  • Chapter 5: “Sky Line” Update!
    • Kermit, Emperor Zurg, King Triton, Hercules, and Violet
  • Chapter 6: “Port Line” Update!
    • Kermit, Chief Bogo, Hercules, Sulley, Chief Bogo, and Rafiki
  • Chapter 12: “Data Line” Update!
    • Megara, Mickey Mouse, Mr Incredible, and Elsa
  • Chapter 20: “Midway Madness” Update!
    • Shan Yu, Pleakly, Animal, Hopper, Tigger, Sarah Sanderson, and Flik
  • Chapter 24: “Agrabah Days” Update!
    • Sadness, Colette, Dr Faciler, Mulan, Manticore, Captain Amelia, and Li Shang
  • Chapter 26: “Theater Crowd” Update!
    • Fred Frederickson, Jafar, Megavolt, Maleficent, Namaari, and Daisy Duck
  • Chapter 27: “Snow Yourself” Update!
    • Gonzo, Sadness, Hades, Maleficent, Li Shang, Ian Lightfoot
  • Chapter 35: “626” Update!
    • Hamm, Captain Hook, Gadget Hackwrench, Honey Lemon, “ Linguini and Remy”, Animal, and Mushu
  • Chapter 43: “Sun’s Out…” Update!
    • Kermit, Ron Stoppable, The Horned King, Shego, Vinny Santorini, and Launchpad McQuack
  • Chapter 47: “Dune and Gloom” Update!
    • Scrooge McDuck, Megara, Quorra, Clawhauser, and Swedish Chef
  • Chapter 59: “Oh My Oasis” Update!
    • Oogie Boogie, The Mayor, King Louie, Meilin Lee, Hades, and Kronk
  • Chapter 65: “Tech Team Time” Update!
    • Hades, Felix, Captain Hook, WALL-E, “Luca and Alberto”, and Genie

This is a server update that is will rollover automatically on Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 at 5am CST with Shop Rotations taking effect Friday, Dec 1, 2023 .


Well that what I was expecting

aww all those refreshes sound good. can we get a speak peak of the next hero tho? 🥹🥹


So let me guess Wild Cards are one characters from franchise that are in the game


Who’s the next challenger hero?



Fantastic stuff!


Unfortunately, we did not have the time for a new Challenger hero, so Tron will have a 2 season run!


Wildcards are heroes that are alone in their franchise. Everyone deserves friends!


Good to know, thanks

Also really happy that ducktales is getting a second chance, their buffs were great at first but aged kinda poorly at this point

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I worded that wrong my mistake and you are right

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and with that all heroes can now get patch talents wow

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Does that include changes to skills and disks as well, like previous seasons?

It’s good to see that the wildcard heroes were able to be buffed and provided patches; I was worried they might get left behind. Eda, though, really didn’t need a buff, but as long as it isn’t too extreme it shouldn’t make her any more OP than she already is.


No, those take a lot more time unfortunately, and with holidays right around the corner, we could not fit them in :frowning_face:


Is that something what could be done next week or at some point in December?

Hope yall have a great holiday + break!!

Are the stat changes live already by the way?

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They are live!


And eda’s Damage looks better

This doesn’t seem right
Only Eda actually changed, others look identical

They said eda’s will changed today

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