Update 5.9.01 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.9.01

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.9.01 Update! This release features bug fixes, new content, and improvements.


  • NEW Prize Wall Revamped (Soon™)
  • NEW Mastery Skins
  • NEW Chapter, Hero Levels, and Ranks
  • Battle Pass Month 2

Battle Pass Month 2

As you all will remember from previous Patch Notes and announcements, we are slowing down the cadence of new hero releases in 2024 to focus more on QoL improvements. With that in mind, Luz Noceda will be featured in a second month of Battle Pass, but with exclusive cosmetics!

The Month 2 Battle Pass will have similar rewards as Month 1, with these additions:

  • Free Track:
    • Luz Noceda Mastery Threads
  • Premium Track:
    • Luz Noceda Mastery Threads
    • Luz Noceda Cringe Avatar
    • Luz Noceda Excited Avatar
    • An exclusive Magic Border in the style of Luz’s cloak!

Prize Wall Revamp

The hiatus is almost over! We are so excited to announce that the Prize Wall is coming back later this month, featuring Daisy Duck! As we all know, the new hero has migrated to the Battle Pass, and we wanted to keep the Prize Wall around as an exciting event to earn extra resources, special rewards, and exclusive cosmetics.

The New Prize Wall will include:

  • New meta quests tailored towards the featured hero
  • A hero refresh
  • 3 weeks runtime, with 1 week in between the next one
  • Inclusion of Wish Crates in the reward pool
  • An improvement in rewarded Stamina Consumables
  • A new jackpot: Hero Mastery Threads!

The first revamped Prize Wall is slated to appear Thursday, March 21st, 2024.

Mastery Skins

Per the State of the Game post back in November, we are thrilled to release Mastery Skins to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!

What exactly are they? Mastery Skins are exclusive cosmetics that can be unlocked with Mastery Threads, which can be earned during a limited timeframe. Each hero will have their own unique Mastery Thread, and you can unlock up to 3 different tiers of Mastery Skins for that hero using these threads at increasing costs.

These are the 3 tiers and their associated thread costs:

  • Gold - 100 threads
  • Platinum - 500 threads
  • Challenger - 2000 threads

Once you unlock a Mastery Skin, a new challenge will appear for that hero. Completing these achievements will not be easy, but you can earn an exclusive avatar as a reward! Achievements include winning battles in Arena and Coliseum while wearing particular Mastery cosmetics.


  • Chapter 79 gold per run increased up to 500,000 in Normal Campaign and 1,000,000 in Elite Campaign
    • This will not affect past chapters
    • There will be a UI issue where the gold meter during combat in campaign modes disappears, but you will still be rewarded the new gold amount. Our priority was to get this change out to you, and this bug showed up just recently, so we won’t be able to fix it until the next update. Sorry about the inconvenience!
  • Adjusted gold, diamond, and token buy costs for Chapter 78 & 79 Badges and Bits
    • These are now more in line with current on hand numbers
    • Past badges beyond these chapters will be reviewed and adjusted later down the line as the team works on a Market Refresh for a future update
  • Increased stamina rewarded for reaching a new Team Level achievement, starting with TL 421
    • Past achievements will not be affected
  • Significant bump to stamina generated at daily check-ins
    • Other free sources such as generation and weekly check-ins will increase on schedule, but not at the same jump as daily check-ins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with mailbox claim not working properly
    • The crashes were caused by too much unclaimed mail
    • As a fix, we have added a limit to how much mail will be shown at a time, with newest mail showing up first
    • Once the newest mail is claimed, the next batch will appear – you will not lose any mail in this process
  • Fixed Real Gear level up causing performance issues
  • Mickey Mouse skill tooltip issue fixed
  • Fixed a looping issue caused by Joy, Miguel, & Kermit
    • The mechanical changes to Mickey and Miguel are being made to mitigate infinite loops in combat
    • The tooltip change for Miguel in regards to gaining energy + SP for “having at least one Sharp note” is actually a correction
    • The tooltip now accurately explains how the skill has been working since his kit refresh

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Existing Heroes

  • Shank replaces Slinky Dog in the City Watch Shop
  • Buzz replaces Tron in the Surge Shop
  • Goofy replaces Syndrome in the Arena Shop
  • Bolt replaces Timon and Pumbaa in the Coliseum Shop
  • Jack Skellington replaces Mayor Bellwether in the Heist Shop
  • Flik replaces Beast in the War Shop

Servers 1-25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 420 to 425
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Emerald+7
  • Chapter 79: “Burst of Power” NEW!
    • Finnick, Gizmoduck, John Silver, Sheriff of Nottingham, Lilo, Mary Sanderson, Bagheera

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.


These all look very exciting and promising!:+1:
I certainly hope this will be the case with some of my stronger heroes (Judy, Mr. Incredible, Gonzo, etc.)
I’ll keep an eye on this one and Happy March!:wink:


Nice! Can’t wait! Plus, Is the Prize Wall going to have a new or old hero? I’m just curious.


Great update without a single flaw!


Will we have more stamina for our stamina bank? The Max stamina is now 1.07M. That is nothing compared to what we have to spend for new chapters


Hopefully the increased Free Stamina will offer meaningful help towards the cost of new chapters, rather than just being a drop in the ocean. Though why we needed significant increases to both, when we’re currently going through a whole exercise of decreasing things that have gotten out of hand, I’m not sure :man_shrugging:

Good to see the campaign Gold drops being brought in line at least, so we’re only going bankrupt of Stamina while farming and not Gold as well :crazy_face:

I really hope that we’ll be able to get enough threads without buying the Battle Pass for at least the ‘Gold’ tier of mastery, or it will be very disappointing for many.

Pls can these drop in amounts of x10 Wish Crate item, not individual crates - as per the change yesterday to the Trial Event rewards :pleading_face: not for any increased amount but to save our fingers!


Please increase gold & diamond.

At least make a rewards of getting 1B+ gold and 500+ diamond from the contest, prize wall, battle pass, the port, buy gold and diamond, challenger rewards (arena & coliseum), invasion, war, etc. ;(

because it’s useless if it’s only increase stamina. even though to upgrade heroes, need gold too. :sob:

Reward 100M gold & 100 diamond it’s very useless :sob:


So only gold increase in the latest chapters?
It needs increased everywhere else.

You shouldn’t have to still lose so much gold when using a double gold drop item and power crafting lower rank heroes from older chapters.

You shouldn’t see Triple city watch gold events that net you a few million when everything in the game is going to cost you billions.

Gold from Port is laughable.

Gold from nearly every source outside of Surge and $$ purchases is ignorable


At least I’m caught up with the chapters


This alone is more than enough.


Morning, easy request here. You hint at skill changes but didn’t provide any detail. Can you let us know when the specific will be released.



The next Prize Wall is Daisy Duck, they will be already existing heroes.


Oh ok. Thanks.


Will Daisy receive full refresh?


That’s good to know. I can barely wait to see what other heroes will look like in gold, platinum, & challenger.:star_struck:


Wow, talk about those alt costumes from some fighting games!! :smiley:

I think I know who’ll be sending into the Elite Campaign!


Good to see that the Prize Wall returns!

The new addition of Mastery Tokens to gain is an interesting thing too. So yeah overall good news.

I do wonder how much is able to be gained from the Prize wall, and what amount will be seen in deals (so like wil F2P be able to gain Challenger things or absolutely not?)

Bumping al whole lot of numbers seems strange, when on the other hand the numbers of stats on heroes are turned down. Maybe instead of increasing stamina gain, decrease stamina cost in the (two) lastest chapters? That would make things a whole lot better I think for the servers/computers who have to run the game.

Time to get some Emerald +6 badges!


@TheGrillFather costs for E6 badges still being a non sense, you need the review how many stamina is needed to upgrade 1 single toon. Check out how many players have E6 characters without any badge on them. Instead of 900-1200 bits, they should be 90-120, with the increase of stamina in those chapters.


With the newer chapters I’m hoping they’ll require a LOT less stamina to do 1 run than like 9k stamina or I still plan to rank up every hero to emerald and probably not even bother with emerald 6.


What no sign of Sarah’s bug fix, or Ralph’s bug fix?

All heroes need to be readded in the enemy pool from here.

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