Update 5.9.01 Patch Notes

Just wait. It really isn’t that hard to just be patient and you’ll be fine.


When will there be some new heroes from the prize wall?


Bringing all servers to the same content cycle was to help streamline content going out. Merging all the servers together is still under investigation, and since there is still many performance issues we need to improve before that, it will likely not make it before the anniversary. We wanted to aim for that timing, but unfortunately issues have popped up that we had not foreseen.


How about next year?

Possibly as long as all the QoL improvements are complete, and until then, we will have to go with the mastery cosmetics.

It’s way too early to think about 2025 we are in March we have another 9 months to go lol for disney

Update day

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Was new pass supposed to already start? It doesn’t have these rewards.

It’s there…

Weird overview didn’t mention anything about costumes…


It is not supposed to be visible, I’ve sent to the team for investigation. Thank you for flagging!


Yeah like come on

What about the server update?

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Update available on google!

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I got it.
Now Imma play the “waiting game”…

Another update when events like the surge, war end. So I’m blocked and I can’t do anything because the game doesn’t work.

… it’s been like that 6 years, nothing new, it’s normal. It’s on you.
Also you updated game before server update.

I’ve been playing this game almost since the beginning. So I think they could do an update 2h or 3h sooner or right after the war is over. That’s all. Many wars are at the crossroads and the fight goes on until the last minute :sob::sunglasses:

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The sever is still up. Just don’t update yet. I think they’ve been later these days, so it doesn’t overlap.

It’s 11am for them. It’s all up to their work schedule. Who knows?

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Too late, I’ve just updated mine, and now I’m playing the “waiting game”.

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