Update 5.9-A Patch Notes

kim close to the last heroes that were nerfed is still weak. She doesn’t even tickle Rose, Dante, Ian, Drakken, Sally…
I don’t know where you are seeing that these heroes need nerf.
Jake fell a lot! He is now more of an average hero.
All heroes need to be adjusted to the level of Rose and Eda… I’m not in favor of nerfing the game.
Look what they did to Zeus. They nerfed him and nowadays he’s a terrible hero.
We already knew how to use counter against him but the whiners on the forum are asking for a nerf for everything.


for everyone’s sanity, this can’t be a solution 😵‍💫 we need to have numbers that people can comprehend and easily compare with.

If that means a baseline that is far, far, far lower than what we have now, and the rebalanced heroes have to suffer being underpowered for a bit, so be it IMO - this needs to happen.

I don’t think ‘nerf’ is the correct word here, because when all is said and done, if balanced well, they will still be really good :crossed_fingers:

Nerfs target specific heroes who are unfairly dominant in the game, which is a small part of what PB are doing here - but they are rebalancing nearly every hero, not just the super OP ones - presumably to a restricted target range so there’s not such a chasm between the highest and lowest.


Our feedback is imperative… but totally ignored EVERYONE regarding the previous update!!


I would’ve guessed The Owl House and Jungle Book franchises would’ve been among the first worked on for rebalancing. :man_shrugging: Hopefully this batch ends up establishing a good baseline for future franchises, and avoids going all the way to the point of, say, making Flik and Shego useless (or, conversely, not going far enough and leaving, e.g., Kim and Sulley useless).

Now this appears to be a change in the right direction. It would certainly be an improvement if stat increases were more closely tied with rarity progression, rather than disk or red skill level, or just starting out with billions of damage at White rank.

Not all of them will be; if the current OP heroes with vastly inflated stats are brought back to numbers more in line with the rest of the roster, I imagine Jake won’t even need to be buffed to be top tier again, so hopefully this round helps him take a step in that direction.

My primary worry is with Rose being rebalanced, we may lose one of the very few counters for Eda. Which makes it even more important to avoid the Challenger rule denying attackers heroes used on defense until the rebalancing progresses a bit further. I would also suggest Eda, Luz, Shere Khan, Joy, and perhaps one or two others to not be allowed in the War Off-Duty pool, but I don’t know if that’s feasible.

No, no we haven’t. While I was rather enjoying the plentiful free stamina of the past few months, I can understand thinking it was a bit much and wanting to cut into that supply; what I don’t understand is raising the costs so severely that F2P players have no hope of keeping even one team of 5 heroes up to date, much less a minimal roster of a couple dozen for the key game modes. And I’m also frustrated at some of the collateral effects of the change, such as badge crates becoming less useful, badge bits for pre-E6 ranks being all but useless (affecting Team Trials, Gold Crates, Diamond Crates to an extent…), the relative lack of gold and XP for stamina spent in the new chapters, etc.

I’m still seeing 5M stamina consumables for $10, and I’ve even seen those deals pop up more during the past week than during the three months prior to the 5.9 update, though I can’t rule out the possibility that the algorithm thinks it’s time to start throwing better deals my way to tempt me to spend.

What’s the difference between adjusting everyone to the level of Rose and Eda, or adjusting those few heroes down to the level of the other 180+ heroes?

He’s still in the top 25% of damage heroes, IMHO; not OP but still useful with the right teammates and if you’re not facing one of a handful of heroes. He really needed that energy gain nerf much sooner; by the time he got it, power creep was finally bringing him in line with the other top tier damage heroes.

Yeah, I think the ideal result would be Eda, Rose, Luz, et. al. still being among the very top tier of the game, but now capable of being beaten by well-constructed teams of heroes one and two tiers lower. And heroes like Frozone, Violet, and Finnick (who have been useless for years) as well as ones like Dash, Bolt, and Shank (who have been recently been rendered useless due to stat hyperinflation) can once more be viable parts of good teams, if not necessarily the keystone of said teams.


Sorry, I didn’t understand. Does it mean that the featured franchise characters are about to be rebalanced with this update or later? And if yes, all character receive changes or just some of them?


It sounds like the heroes will be rebalanced in this update, hence PB warning that the trials may be unexpectedly/unfairly difficult in certain cases

As for which ones and how… I guess it remains to be seen, but I’d have thought that all of the heroes will be adjusted to varying degrees :nerd_face:


Apart from the battle pass, no one in my guild is buying anything - not that’s there has been a single deal to get excited about, they are just selling bloat, no stamina for better than 3.5M per £20


Hard to predict exactly when technically all heroes will be affected by the badge stats changes.

I don’t expect most heroes to change significantly from just this, but what is considered “balanced” could change heavily since the standard of main stats would be different

I would guess Kim, Monkey Fist and Jake will stay the same (maybe slight buffs for Kim since she has way less stuff in her kit), and all the others will be nerfed, but this is with the current badge situation


Even the battle pass deal feels like :wastebasket:


I probably will, but that is just because Rose is good right now (and thus should be able to handle the American Dragon trail. I fear though, if she is nerfed as I think she is, that she might not be able to solo her way through the trials.

Other franchises all have heroes that only need buffs not nerfs in order to be able to have any chance of beating a franchise trial…


Yeah she is I use her a lot in the game because that white skill is op good

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Not much to say here, but season 16 looks not too bad.
Nice to have the 3 Pixar films be back to this season again. I’m cool with Kim Possible, and I’m neutral to American Dragon due to the two being ridiculously OP.
I try my best to get my strongest heroes (Judy, Kuzco, Mike, etc.) to be as strong as possible, plus the arena and coliseum is becoming to unfair for me for a number of reasons.
This looks pretty good overall, and since February 14 was a couple of days ago, Happy belated Valentine’s Day!:heart::bear:


I guess we won’t see anyone get a costume maybe next week if we do get another one but I’ll be real if Kim gets a costume it’ll be what she wore in season 4, if it was was Luz then it’s either what she wore in season 3 or what she was wearing at the end of season 2, well there’s only one way to find out depending if anyone gets a costume in the next couple of patch notes and I know we won’t know who the next hero still be until the end of the month because that’s how it’s gonna be now and we know Luz starts it off for February,


Se harán los nerfs, finalmente, saben lo difícil que es enfrentarse los que han sido buffeados tremendamente en estos últimos meses

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@TheGrillFather or @Justus … why are these only the guild perks that seem to be updating lately? Will other new ones be introduced other than these soon? Not every guild is war oriented and would like to see other things from other game modes be more eventful. (Maybe more hiest coins and shield points from shocking hiests, maybe convert gold crates to badge crates if a certain level, new consumble perks, etc)


Unfortunately I feel the answer is fairly obvious here. A main selling point of the new hero is she counters eda pretty nicely.


Tarzan cannot be forgotten, the film deserves to be remembered, in fact, why do you think there are Tarzan badges in the game then?

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I think its something to do with rights


The reason that Tarzan isn’t in the game is not due to it being forgotten, but how PB doesn’t have the rights. The reason we have the badges is so we can have some Tarzan representation in the game, even if that means we don’t have the toons themselves.


Sorry man license issues is the reason why we won’t see Tarzan

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