Update 6.0-A Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 6.0-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 6.0-A Update! ! This release features Patch Season 18 plus a couple of improvements!

Patch Season 18 Information

As we approach the conclusion of Season 17 of Patch, we are delighted to share our exciting plans for Season 18!

The eighteenth Season of Patch will begin on April 16th and will run for 4 weeks. After the update goes live, you’ll be able to see the season’s Featured Franchises but the Franchise Trials won’t be available until 9:00 AM CT the next morning.

This season introduces our third batch of rebalanced heroes, spanning across 4 Franchises:

  • Hercules
  • The Jungle Book
  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Owl House

Once again, we want to remind everyone that this is a highly iterative process, and we’ll continually review feedback to make sure we’re going in the right direction. It may feel like nerfs, but the priority is to bring down power creep to a healthier state. The idea is to get heroes to a set standard to make usage as equally viable for everyone.

Thank you all again for your support and patience in this process!


  • Invasion teams aligned with Patch Seasons
    • Starting with the next invasion, instead of color teams, they will instead feature the current Patch Season’s franchises
  • Increased stamina gains
    • With economies normalizing after changes to the Badge System and stamina costs, we may now increase stamina gains
      • Increase in stamina generation, daily & weekly check-ins, and IAPs

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

  • Voyd is the next Challenger and Mastery Prize Wall hero!
  • Elsa is returned to the elite campaign

This is a server update that is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16th, 2024. Downtime will be planned.


I think you’ve meant “April 16th, 2024” instead?


Ngl for how small this update is it sounds really nice. While not perfect, the roster will be a lot more balanced overall after this patch is released, and while reducing costs would’ve been more ideal (for the reason that this kinda just inflates numbers for no reason), the stamina increase hopefully will help a bit with the last few ranks’ huge costs.
I was a little worried the challenger hero would be forgotten and it’d be Elsa for the 4th time, but I’m glad to see that won’t be the case. Voyd also does need the help so her getting rebalanced is nice too.


That is correct, thank you!


That may make things a bit more challenging. I assume the mods offered in rewards will still follow the same rotations in terms of type (BD, SP, HP) and color?

Looking forward to seeing how much the increase will be. Any chance we’ll start seeing Bonus Get More Stamina soon?

Now I better check my supply of Voyd chips and make sure I don’t want any more before Wednesday…


Thanks, TheGrillFather!

The change in invasion team set-up seems interesting, looking forward on this change! :grinning:


Oh by the way, please make sure Sarah is balanced correctly this time. Since she was getting rebalanced I thought it was pointless to keep reporting this before, but ever since her buff Billy had no HP whatsoever, despite having trillions in Sarah’s skill description. It’d be nice if his HP was what is stated after this change…



@TheGrillFather can we know next seasons too? Like last time

That’s interesting…

Doubled all across the board like stated in discord?

Finally… long awaited.


Great! This’ll fix Herc’s constant Stun, that’s been bugging me in most of my Friend Campaigns.

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I’d love to hear exact numbers on the stamina improvements - definitely seems like thats the massive complaint across the game right now. Balancing that out a bit would be exciting.


Stated where and/or by whom?

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I feel like we need context for that lol

Unrelated but I agree, knowing the next patch season could be nice to start planning in advance (if it’s even been decided yet)

I hope we can start rebalancing both too strong and too weak franchises now that the most OP ones won’t be 100 times above everyone else


@TheGrillFather can patch notes be posted in game? So more people will know


I’m putting her in the wish crate


And the people with 435 heroes is that fixed?

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Is she, though? :confused:

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If she’s going into Elite Campaign, then that means she’ll be available again in Diamond Crates and Wish Crates.


This also means her chips will only be available from Challenger Arena and Coliseum rewards, and since she won’t be in Wish Crates, that also means you can’t get her Red Skill chips from that source, either. So, if you need any more of her chips, best get them before Wednesday.

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hope they fix the bug with the KO animation with Sarah sanderson

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