Update 6.0-A Patch Notes

I didn’t see her in the crates when she was the challenge hero

She wasn’t in it because it doesn’t work for challenger heroes

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How about Invasion, Guild War, Mega Mart, Prize Wall and other stamina consumables sources increased instead?

Please don’t increase IAPs, you will just ruin the economy over and over again. At least try to not make it a pay-for-progress thing. Because the relative value of what non-paying players get is terribly low. And always has been. I know y’all must generate revenue since you are a business… but it’s ridiculous and done much better in many other games.


Wow! So happy for this!

Yay season 18!

Yeahhhh still waiting for patchessence 5 for months now…

Well, we’ll see a big reduction in armor, reality, basic damage, skill power, and Max HP, along with skill stat reductions, and increased cooldowns. Updates on the hero bug fixes will also get you in the right direction.

We don’t have 435 heroes in the game

Jungle book again?!?!?!?!

Hopefully they slam the book at eda :rofl:

Slam the book? What does that mean?

And what PB needs is the Balancing update which talks about what happened in season 17, and what will happen in Season 18!!!

At least one player got some of their heroes up to level 435 during the brief time after the 6.0 update when the server accidentally had that level (and E9) available.

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Oh I thought they said something about ‘435 heroes’ in the game :speak_no_evil:

I hope these characters come too!

But could you please make your own topic about these? Patch notes, I heard, aren’t the right places to make wishlists

I don’t think these characters can come this year well some maybe because Perblue said they’re slowing down with new heroes this year

Season 18 looks alright. I’m honestly hesitant about Owl House, I mean I still have issues with Eda being a joke to me. The rest look fine, which I better upgrade some of them up.:arrow_up:

So about the next invasion, are you saying color teams will take a break for next week in favor of the upcoming season 18 trial characters? If so, then I don’t know what to say about it.

The current chapter I’m in is stressing me out right now because of stupidly overpowered characters (many of which I despise) such as Rose, Nega-Duck, and Pegasus.:rage: I certainly hope they’ll be less O.P. sometime soon for improvements, you know have each hero have equal/fair amount of power.

I know I sound stressed here, I do apologize, but thanks for the recent update regardless!:earth_americas:

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I have a screenshot

Where is the screenshot?

I send to pb. I dont think its needed to share players ingame name.

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