Update 6.0 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 6.0

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 6.0 Update! This release features Dr. Doofenshmirtz, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb
  • New! Chapters, Hero Levels, and Ranks
  • Update! Battle Pass Hero, Shop Heroes, and Elite Campaign Heroes.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a Midline “Control” Hero on the Red team. Dr. Doofenshmirtz will be available in the Battle Pass starting April 2nd.



Dr. Doofenshmirtz uses his Slowmotion-inator against the Most Wanted enemy. That enemy is dealt Fantastic Damage and has their Movement and Attack Speed reduced by a percentage for a few seconds.

If there is no Most Wanted enemy, Dr. Doofenshmirtz will target the enemy with the most Basic Damage.

+Fantastic Damage


Dr. Doofenshmirtz uses his Misbehave-inator against the Most Wanted enemy, dealing Fantastic Damage and Charming them for a few seconds while also Stealing a percentage of their Energy.

If there is no Most Wanted enemy, Dr. Doofenshmirtz will target the enemy with the most Energy.

+Fantastic Damage


Dr. Doofenshmirtz pushes a button that lowers his Re-tire-inator into combat which shoots a tire through the enemy team, dealing Normal Damage to each enemy.

Enemies hit are Knocked Back and have their Movement and Attack Speed reduced by a percentage for a few seconds.

+Normal Damage

Curse You Perry

Re-tire-inator now removes all Buffs from enemies hit and Heals Dr. Doofenshmirtz some amount of HP for each enemy hit.

Enemies hit also have stacks of Decay and stacks of Fatigue applied to them.


If I Had A Nickel

Slowmotion-inator now removes all Movement and Attack speed buffs from enemies hit and additionally targets all enemies that have their Attack and or Movement speed increased by at least a certain percentage.

Enemies hit by Re-tire-inator that are already Slowed from any source are additionally Drained and Limited for a few seconds. Slows include Snares as well as reductions in Movement and Attack Speed.

During each wave, Dr. Doofenshmirtz Steals a percent of the Energy gained by the Most Wanted enemy. Additionally, he also Steals some amount of Energy from them once every few seconds. This Energy Steal is only active when there is an enemy labeled as “Most Wanted”.

+Skill Power +Reality +Bonus Fantastic Damage to “Slowmotion-inator”

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Charm is applied enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Reality
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Red Ally
  • Effect Buff: Energized


  • Agent P
  • The Horned King


  • New Guild Perks
    • Added 5 levels to Car Bonuses 1-6
    • Added 1 level for the Guild Influence Storage perk
    • Added a new level each to Guild Check In perks 10 and 40
  • Increased Guild Aid Stamina Caps
    • Players may now donate more stamina per guild aid
  • UI Updates
    • VIP Screen can now be accessed through the fountain in the city
    • VIP level now more visible with player summary
    • Improvements to the Battle Pass screen
  • New Tags
    • “Phineas and Ferb” tag added to franchises
    • Most Wanted tag added to skill tags and hero filters
  • Mid-season Patch adjustment
    • To ensure that Agent P remains patchable, we will be making a mid-season change of adding the Phineas and Ferb franchise to the Nightmare Before Christmas and Unity franchise trials
  • Upcoming Mastery Prize Walls
    • Voyd & Jake Long
  • New Achievements
    • Mastery Skin achievements
    • Mercenary usage achievements
  • Off Duty Heroes in War
    • Off Duty has been turned off for war for the time being. We will revisit turning it back on once hero balancing efforts are complete.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased hero chip drop event preventing players from using drop booster consumables, so event is turned off until we can find a long term fix to increase hero chip drops
  • Fixed issues with guild perk & stamina storage values showing negative values

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Existing Heroes

3/31 Shop Refresh:

  • Meilin Lee replaces Ian Lightfoot in the CW Shop
  • Agent P replaces 22 in the Surge Shop
  • “Luca & Alberto” replace Jake Long in the Arena Shop
  • King Louie replaces Hopper in the Coliseum Shop
  • Mushu replaces The Horned King in the Heist Shop
  • Powerline replaces Sally in the War Shop

4/2 Content Adjustments:

  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the next Battle Pass hero!
  • Luz becomes IAP and Contest exclusive
  • Rose enters the Coliseum Crate
  • Dante enters the VIP Crate
  • Kuzco enters the Guild Crate
  • Sweetums enters the Diamond Crate
  • “Cogsworth & Lumiere” enter the Elite Campaign

Servers 1-25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 425 to 430
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Emerald+8
  • Chapter 80: “Another Trick in the Wall” NEW!
    • “Luca & Aberto,” “Cogsworth & Lumiere,” Go Go, Jake Long, “Cogsworth & Lumiere,” Little John

This is a full app and server update that will be planned for this week.


Let’s go!!! We finally have Doof! Always glad to see a TV show rep in the game


Does this mean Agent P will be rebalanced? :sweat_smile:


NICE! The superstar is here now!!



Yes, we’re working on it and hope to have it ready by Tuesday as well!


Didn’t even got a chance, already nerfed. :broken_heart:


Patch notes are ok I guess could be better if you stopped needing the heroes but you do you


Hans Doofieburg?

And STILL no Eda… -_-
But other than that, can’t wait!!


Not sure I may have missed it somewhere else in the patch notes but since I remember “Cogsworth & Lumiere” are currently in Arena Crate but they’ll be moving to Elite Campaign, who will replace them in Arena Crate?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Would this be applied once the update is out. Or at the start of war season (Monday April 1st)


It’s disappointing that they haven’t added a skill called “Norm” which Doofenshmirtz calls his sidekick robot Norm to assist in the battle. I would consider it the third skill, instead of Re-tire-inator.


I present to you! My DisneyHeroesBattleModeInator!

Anyways, I’m pumped that our favorite inventor from the tri-state area is finally coming to the game!


I also thought that maybe Drakken or Bowler Hat Guy would work as one of his friendships but Horned King still works, unexpected but welcomed


Please make sure this gets turned back on!

Not having any off duties sounds incredibly boring. However, having Eda/Luz/Kahn and bag off all at once was horrible. Personally, I rather see jungle book and owl house turned off for off duties than having none at all.


We all knew Doofenshmertz was going come


What? Cogsworth & Lumiere aren’t teh Arena Crate hero. Pegasus is, and they are currently switching out Sweetums from Coliseum Crate. Next time we get a hero, that’ll be when Pegasus is replaced with Kuzco.


Major Monogram: Agent P, we just received report that Doofenshmertz is in the City/Hub and we believe he’s doing crime while there are creeps invading the area, go out there and see what he’s up to Good luck Agent P.
:musical_note:Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo-Bah Perry :musical_note:


If I had a nickle for each time a Phineas and Ferb character would come to DHBM, I would have 2 nickles.

Which isn’t a lot, but it is odd that it happened twice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That’s nice! Hopefully gets me somewhat further in the NBC-trial.

Great to see Prize walls keep coming now!

Welcome change, cause Eda off-duty is a nightmare

Time to get my heroes to Emerald +7


It looks like Perry’s hilarious arch-nemesis is up to no good, and I couldn’t be anymore excited for him!:joy::star_struck:
Even better a franchise about Phineas & Ferb sounds awesome, which I wouldn’t be surprised if the main duo joins at some point.:wink:
I may not quite be ready for the new chapters due to some characters being O.P., which is why I have a huge problem with Eda (Owl House) lately. I’m sorry to say this, but I hate Eda so much due to her being impossible to defeat sometimes, which is exactly what happened to me at invasion recently.:rage:
I was wondering if you’re going to solve an issue about certain heroes being a little too impossible to defeat.
But aside from my current issue, I couldn’t be anymore hyped for this one.

And about the account recovery situation, since my device is from Apple (not from Samsung or Huawie) I should be fine when updating mine, right?:neutral_face: That’s all I’m asking.

What’s even better about this upcoming update is that it’s happening on my birthday, now that’s what I call a birthday gift!:partying_face::birthday: Thank you very much!:+1:

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Behold……the patient-inator!!! This invention is when it will turn people to be real patient so that way they won’t have to complain too much, that’s what makes me a genius!
(Suddenly Perry shows out of no where)
Perry: animal noises
Dr. D: (gasps) Perry the platypus?!?!? What are you doing here?!? Oh I’ll show you my combat skills, and you’ll be sorry!
(Perry takes the invention away and destroys it)
Dr. D: No!!! My patient-inator has been broken! CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!


Agent P I understand but The Horned King?

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