Updates at war end

Can we stop doing server updates at the same time war ends? It locks attacks from being done in those last 5 minutes, just push the update back 5 minutes so it doesn’t interfere with integral gameplay.


Wow we can’t attack in war because of this sever update

This is a joke

This needs changing wars can go on until the very last minute you have just cost a guild a win doing this so dumb



For … sake why do you keep making updates at war end time?


As one of the ones posed to make an attack, I’m EXTREMELY frustrated at this.

Win or lose, it felt like the chance to land the winning blow for the guild was snatched away.


exactlyyy it made me mad af. i just bought stuff too and tried doing an attack. what I want to know why it does not update @ 11!?! it updates midday​:unamused::unamused:

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We just had a single character on the top car left. Not team, 1 toon. A bogo. And we couldn’t finish the war.

They can’t silence every Shadowvania member that talks. That’d be total bs. We deserve a compensation for this useless update

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You want compensation for an update that effected both guilds equally because you lost or because it was unfair?

How in the world could someone know of being locked out from hitting anyone for the last 5 minutes? Making sure you can delete the lineup you are facing and then attacking says something to you?

Just by the way, what guild are you in? I´m curious as to why your stance is like that.

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Both guilds were given the same notice, correct? How is it unfair to one guild more than the other?

Was it right of Pb to do an update that locked people out of the last 5 minutes of war? No. Does it mean you should be given compensation? No.

I’m not in either guild in the war.

I NEVER said we should have been given a win. Albeit to keep things fair, we should have been in Silver tier at War. That´s not even the thing of “compensation”, it´s the thing that the whole guild have the staff in teeth for that. Because we are preparing a hit that would have made us win and we were locked out of that. And the opposing guild failed 5 TIMES to clear the last remaining car on the top floor.

So, excuse me for being so dramatic, but we all feel being trashed hard. And no, saying “it´s just the game” won´t work. Because the first time I have felt not to be a burden to my guild I was screwed hard with all of them altogether. Thus I take it heavily and personally.

Czar scar asked for compensation

And yet again you ignored all of my post. As you did three times before. It´s like a wrestilng match where a referee shoots bazooka in your head just as you are about to deliver a final blow.

Haha I was replying to Czar scar and you made it about you.

Well, the guild usually has the same or a very similar stance at a problem if it´s about all of the guildmates. And so I was responding to your response to Czar scar.

I’m sure it was a hard loss, it stinks that they did the update when they did. I’m sure there was a lesson learned and you won’t wait until the last 5 minutes to finish cars.

Is it a newer guild? If so I guess I get not knowing that the update locks down attacks like the last 5 minutes.

@President_Andy guess you didn’t read the flagged comments, or just chose to ignore it? I’m not the only one asking for it, but if you want to ignore it, then that’s on you :rofl:

Also, they normally don’t do updates right at the end of a war. Usually around 12 central at least

I am new here, I didn’t even notice the ones that were marked ignore.

Either way, it doesn’t really seem like there is a good reason to give you silver or compensation other then that you felt like you would have won. It looks like both teams could have won unless one side was out of attacks completely? You should probably accept that you lost a close war and move on.

I think it is funny I keep getting tagged as if my opinion on the matter will convince PB in to taking your side. I really doubt you’ll get any thing more than oh our bad but good luck.

We lost this war with 4 points!

Strategie is everything. So many guilds attack after their oppnent has attacked.
And many attack in the last 10 min

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