Use that! (Remake-cept)

My second remake-cept is here!! This time… i will be targeting…the worst concept i have ever made…my Cruz ramirez concept requested in the past by Prince-Aamir. I hope you guys enjoy today’s remake-cept!!

Cruz ramirez


1 star, backline support

“Show me what you got!”


Entrance: Cruz drives into the battlefield

Victory: Cruz dances while smiling

Defeat: Cruz gets a sad look on her face

Basic attack: a bale of hay fly’s over Cruz and onto the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: To the positive

Cruz motivates her allies by using something negative to rile them up, increasing the attack and movement speeds of all allies by 100%, having them gain armor every time that they attack a enemy and making them immune to knockbacks for 10 seconds.

Green: Hamilton

Cruz uses hamilton to track the speed of the most wanted enemy, decreasing their movement speed by 55% for 10 seconds and studying them for 5 seconds.

The study from Cruz cannot be avoided by anything. if an enemy tries to dodge the study from this skill, they will instead be dealt X damage.

Blue: Loosen up

Cruz tells the ally with the lowest HP to loosen up, increasing their max HP by X amount, giving them X energy and making them use their blue skill no matter the cooldown.

Purple: maestro of motivation

Cruz becomes energized whenever she activates “loosen up” on herself. She also gains X HP for how much energy she gains.

Red: Use that

“To the positive” now makes all allies energized when cruz is under 40% of her health.

Allies are now guaranteed to have their attacks crit against enemies who have been studied by cruz or other sources.
+X skill power
+X armor
+X max HP


Cruz ramirez/Shank
Bring the thunder
more armor stolen

Allies effected by energize now steal 50% more armor from enemies they attack.

Cruz ramirez/Launchpad mcquack
Crash course
studies are now unavoidable

All studies dealt out by allies are now unavoidable.


These skills are missing variables

What kind of damage does this skill do?

Energy is always specified

How much extra energy do they receive and for how long?

I feel like this may be a bit OP, and how much does it increase with star level?

And this disk is kind of bland

First of all…welcome back!!!

Second of all…your not gonna say anything about the unavoidable study??

No, because it’s only a 5 second study so it’s fine

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