Vote for characters you want to see in DHBM!


Can we vote to remove about 100 heroes? That already useless!!!

Can we vote to add a button to promote 20 to 100 heroes in one time? And equip badges in one button for them? And enhance all badges in one button? And raise all skills in one button? And … so.


I took the survey.
And some of the characters there, I gave them a 1, just because I’m like “WHO?”, like that Toaster guy as well as some of the “The Black Cauldron” characters. I’m sorry.

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Good movies, I recommend watch them.


I’d love to, except that we don’t have Disney+, to go with the fact that Disney Channel here in the Asia-Pacific ended its broadcast almost 2 years ago.

And about the “1 on ‘The Black Cauldron’ characters”, same goes with “Raya and the Last Dragon” characters, because, again, I haven’t seen it.

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Some of the franchises probably won’t ever be added. I do love Narnia and the Simpsons, but I can’t see them in a game like this.

Most of this list, I was like, who are these unknown choices?
I only voted for 11 out of the 100, the characters whose names I recognize.
Also, Elena and Sofia were absent from the list, as the lead characters from their franchises, they should have been on it.
Naomi and Isabell from Elena of Avalor would also have been good options.

I would have voted for the Kim Possible characters, but after Kim was intentionally nerfed, I don’t trust the Dev team with characters from that franchise, so no votes won there.

Aren’t Anastasia and the Simpsons owned by 20th Century Fox and therefore, not a Disney property, so can not be added?
That being said, Disney fans are fond of Anastasia, so they would not object to her being present in a Disney game.


What doing you :rage:

Would you like to specify?

The Jessie characters would be great, too. I would really love to see them in the game. It would be easy since Jessie is actually a Disney show. That show isn’t a very popular show, but me and my sister love it. I really hope they get in. (Along with Kuzco😂)

I highly doubt Alex and Giselle are coming. In order to do that, they need to pay royalties to Amy Adam’s and Selena Gomez in order to use their likeness if I recall correctly.


The Pirates of the Caribbean characters are knocking on your door right now


I thought the legal requirement was that a live action character required the signing of a consent form to reuse the appearance of the acting cast member.
Which is why it’s unlikely we will get live action characters in the game, unless they similar to V.I.N. (a car).
Can’t explain how the existing LiveAction characters got in, maybe in was in their contract to reuse their appearances.

@LegoMyEggo , here are the Jessie characters in animated form:

This came from an official Disney crossover with Ultimate Spiderman.
I wonder if this could be used to bring them into the game.

Maybe. But, the clothes the Ross kids are wearing would have to be swapped out for their regular, everyday clothes.

Because it’s Disney Junior, so they won’t be added.

PB said they don’t need to do that, rather these actors agreed to this when signing their contracts.
We already have few live-action characters, that’s why they can be used in merchandise and many games like KH or DHBM.
Alex might be harder because the show ended years ago, but so was Hocus Pocus, and Disney seems to advertise Wizards quite a bit lately. :woman_shrugging:


And I see Yesss, in your survey…but BECAUSE OF THAT CRAZY SPAMMER, I have no choice but to give that character a solid 1!!! :angry: :angry:


Exactly what i did.


Guys, come on now. Don’t blame the character for the sins of forumer. There are plenty of people that want Yesss. It was their rule breaking and entitled attitude of the whole thing that bugged me.


No! We can’t remove any heroes!


And Disney owns that company now, and Anastasia and Ice Age characters are already in other disney game(s).

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