Vote for future QoL Improvements!

Imo this poll could be instead taken as the “what to focus on” ranking. Not just work in one field, but do one, then another one etc. slowly, but steadily. @Polaris

Also, I don´t see Hero Balancing there.

I think that’s what there planning on doing, they want to see what players want first and then work slowly on the rest.

Also YES TO HERO BALANCING. It’s unfair that Mulan, Maximus, and Cheshire are overpowered while the older heroes (and Basil) are so weak.


Just four words.

Kristoff and Sven.


Tenacity, Evasion, and Hardy suggest otherwise.


Don’t forget about LSB, they also need a nerf. I also agree with campaign and hero balancing.

And, many heroes are in need of a buff or refresh (Violet, Mike, Ralph, etc)


Meh, doesn’t sound interesting at all. And it’s only better.

Heist literally cry to get refresh, it’s dead, infamous, and old mode which takes long time to complete with terrible rewards.


  • It would be nice if you could name your saved lineups. For example: Yellow invasion, War, Arena, ect…

  • It would also be nice if you could mark heroes as favorites and sort them that way too, so you know which ones to improve fast and can find them quickly.

  • I think the drop rate should be higher. The stamina cost as it is is insane. Imo.



Tenacity? Think again, Maximus can get permafrozen easily.
Evasion? Heck, even Cheshire can get permafrozen.
Hardy? Well, Sven has an AoE freeze every 3 seconds when maxed on Red Skill. Avoidable? No.


That or lower the amount of bits needed to craft a badge.


The fool Kristoff have bugged purple skill which allows to ignore tenacity, and PB just ignores the existence of the bug. Seems easier for them. Definitely not for players. :anger:


All of these are good, and it is difficult to chose only one… because there is so much more potential for improvements.
Here are my thoughts on each of these and what I would like to see (S18 top 5 guild)

Hero management - Choosing disks for different areas is time consuming and would like to lock in disks in saved lineups, or be able to choose which hero to use and then change the disk in the same screen
Naming line-ups would be a perfect addition as well.

Guild war - with only so many guilds on the server, you are bound to get lower and higher power guilds. We have the same 12 guilds rotating in our seasons.

Heists - apart from added difficulty, I am not too concerned about Heists

Guild features - being a top 5 guild means we are constantly maxed on guild influence and nowhere to spend it. More perks, more consumables would be great, especially to help lower power players in a guild.

Mods - more mods are always welcome

All of the others have lower votes at the moment, so seems like these are the ones people are concerned about :slight_smile:

But as always, love the game, love updates, thanks for the amazing job that you are doing!


Does it matter? Not in this case.

Mulan, Maximus, and Cheshire are still really large threats, and can still Counter Kristoff and Sven and others. They’re really annoying to deal with and I’m not surprised they haven’t been addressed yet.

If the three are nerfed, so needs Kristoff. Otherwise every meta will be Kristoff-based.

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Yep, Kristoff is in HUGE need of a nerf, that permafreeze is so annoying. Many are actually in need of a refresh.

Agreed. Mulan and Chesh’s white skills can wipe out an entire team, and Maximus is one brick wall that also deals a massive amount of damage.

Kristoff is not stupidly OP in my case and doesn’t deserve to be heavily nerfed. As long as they fix his purple skill, it should be fine.


You should make level one of the things you can sort guild members by

If they change Sven to freeze only one enemy with the red skill instead of AoE, I call it fair deal. And purple skill fix or maybe a slight nerf. 35% is still quite a lot for some.

Also, does Elsa´s Frozone disk work right? I always assumed it should freeze only Control enemies for much longer.

How 'bout… everything :neutral_face:


Players don’t deserve for so much good things, haha… —

Yeah, pretty much do that.

The hero balancement is nonexistent these days.

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