Vote for future QoL Improvements!

We are busy planning for 2021 and we want to know what area of the game you think needs a little TLC. We’re looking for where you want improvements to user experience, game flow, time management, etc. We’re in the middle of Invasion quality of life improvements, and we’re looking for your input on what area we should focus next.

Once you vote, please add any comments with specific suggestions!

Where would you like us to focus next for Quality of Life improvements?

  • Guild War
  • Hero Management
  • Heist
  • City Watch
  • Arena & Coliseum
  • Hero & Cosmetic Collections
  • Quests
  • Guild Features
  • Campaign
  • Inventory Management
  • Chat (& players’ friend system)
  • Enhancement
  • Mods
  • Rankings

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This poll will close on Tuesday, October 27 at Noon CT.


I would like Hero and Cosmetic Collections, mainly the latter.

Second - for the Mods, capping the amount of Additional Skill Levels from SP mod to +40 only.


Yeah, no. It doesn’t matter if you’re first. This isn’t YouTube.

Anyways, I feel like guild war is on definite need of a rework, as it’s core problem is unfair matchmaking.

Having high level guilds facing against low level guilds is unfair and should definitely be addressed.


@Polaris What is meant by “Hero Management?”


I voted chat… too many kids exposed to teens asking for dates, adults talking explicitly, and predators pm people, and no I’m not a parent


Imo quests are the best way to lvl up so working on quests may help us lvl up faster

I said Hero Management there should be more hero and and bit base stat boosting

Badges, XP, Skill levels, etc.

That’s what I think, anyways.

Other than that it’s good, though. I think there should be more ways to get cosmetic crates

Accessing heroes on the hero page (sorting, favoriting, display of data, etc) and the hero chooser in combat.


That’s good tbh

I agree, imo, the guild wars need to be mostly worked on. My guild always seems to go against better guilds, and it’s hard for us to get to legendary rank.


Chat isn’t that good to work on you know lots of ppl think that it’s a dating app and ummmm you know they won’t care about anything

Guild war is so easy! My guild is always put up against weak or inactive guilds! It’s honestly offemsive

Guild features… like perks more frequently like higher badge drop rates or lower amount of badges/half return of badges to upgrade toons, increase diamond crate levels pass 60 to offer more items per crate that are also more representative to server cap increases, and maybe perk to increase scoring in contests since the scoring keeps going down and down.Maybe increase guild sizes to fit all war cars and give more then 7 of the same fights to ten different guilds before fight same ones to give various… just concentrate on more qol in general then cap and color increases more often as it’s getting harder to recruit and maintain guilds as is. Maybe set a limit to the number of guilds per server depending on how many are truly active. The ideas are endless.

Honestly I say focus on them all of the above if that was an option instead of choosing


Yeah I’m agree with that

I voted for heist because it is really annoying that ja example you cant see who is attacking the thief


I don’t know if this voting poll was inspired by my feedback poll post or not, but yeah definitely cool to see and thanks for making the poll Polaris ^^.

As for what to vote for I need to think a bit on, but yeah definitely cool :-).


I think the CAMPAIGNS should also be apart of this.

It constantly gets more harder as chapters increase because of the hero creeps having skill levels higher than their cap. For example a mr inc creep has 200/200/200/200 instead of 200/200/180/160. Also, the drop rates need to be increased so we don’t lose a lot of stamina and raid tickets for one hero.


Have they done this before?

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