Vote for one of this characters for next update!


Pumba w/ tamone on his back
Beast from beauty and the beast
Emperor Kuzco
Moshoe from mulan
Max from goofy movie


I vote winni the Pooh and melefint


Definitely Winnie The Pooh, he’s my fav​:heart_eyes::slight_smile::honey_pot::bear:


How is it weird and yes i did this before they qere added


Well aside from Maleficent and Scar (who have since been added), Tarzan, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Hercules, and even Pooh kind of make sense I guess. Chicken Little’s a bit of a weird choice, didn’t think many people really liked that movie, but I guess he’s understandable. Roger Rabbit is a bit of a marketing enigma but his movie is very good so I guess I can understand its inclusion.

What I don’t get is why specifically these characters? Was there a specific reason, say, Quasimodo, Mulan, Donald Duck or Rapunzel didn’t make the list? Why did Goofy and Baloo get specifically included over others from their movies? If you didn’t know about the villain update, why would Scar be on the list instead of Simba? And if you DID know, why Hercules over Hades? I wouldn’t make a big deal about it except that YOU make a big deal whenever anyone doesn’t adhere to these arbitrary rules you made!


Because if there is no rules people put a character randomly. And there is already a thread for that. I didn’t make anyone vote for a single character.
Maleficent and Scar were added way after this thread begun. And this was my list. If you want, make yours, and your rules and I will gladly vote according to them. This is a forum and this is a thread. Why complain about something you can easily avoid?


And to begin with you answered guy that did not make the thread. I did. Don’t really know why he answered you honestly. But that is alright


Not really complaining just thought it was a bit weird. Just wanted to know a bit of the thought process behind it


That was the point. To have an odd choise of characters


Chicken Little, Chicken Little


Dory Nemo and Bruce from Finding Nemo


Despite not being there, I would give 10k Diamonds to have Bruce!!


I choose for pooh because how iconic he is but what I really wanted to see is aladar(disney’s dinosaur) so he could have friendship campaign with rex



Role: Support

Position: Mid

Trial Team: Blue?? (I have no idea how this is determined. There’s only one Blue support thus far.)

Basic attack is a fire arrow.

Attack order is:


1 attack per second.


White skill - SWIFT AS A COURSING RIVER - Mulan runs behind the last opponent and plants a dragon rocket which explodes and stops opponents energy gain for 7 seconds [[Fireworks emblem appears over enemies to show status]].

Green Skill - FORCE OF A GREAT TYPHOON - Mulan swings her Bo, causing a Great Typhoon. All enemies are knocked back and studied for 6 seconds [[Like Maui’s ‘Take Flight’ & Barbossa’s ‘Scan the Horizon’]].

Blue skill - STRENGTH OF A RAGING FIRE - Mulan fires up her allies! All allies basic attacks become heated for 10 seconds causing them to do +X additional damage [[Like Barbossa’s ‘Hot Shot’]].

Purple Skill - MYSTERIOUS AS THE DARKSIDE OF THE MOON - Yao, Lung and Chien-Po encircle Mulan. They each absorb 100% of damage and status effects from 1 attack for Mulan (3 total) before leaving the battle field [[Like Dash’s Rapid Guard]].


ELSA/OLAF/FROZONE - Buried in an Avalanche - After WHITE skill activates, upon explosion, the opponent is buried in an avalanche that freezes for 2 seconds (+2 seconds per additional star).

[[MULAN ALLY]]/SULLY/MIKE/HADES/JACK SK./ZURG - You’re Unsuited for the Rage of War - Mulan’s GREEN skill also scares enemies for 2 seconds (+1 second per additional star)





Bonkers please please please please please please pleaseimage




Baloo would be great


Bonkers and Donald Duck


Robin hood is my favorite Disney character