Vote for one of this characters for next update!


Peter Pan, a shame that he’s not already in the game


Peter pan omg what if he had tinkerbell on his shoulder
Entrance: walks in jumps up with shadow and tinker bell flies in on his shoulder (when he jumps he flies in mid air and stays that way)
Role: front, Damage
Basic attack:uses dagger
White skill: NEVERLAND peter flies across the board arms out doing ____ damage (Fantastic damage)
Green skill: PETERS SHODOW peter sends his shadow to attack the the enemy that recently hurt his weakest ally doing ____ damage (Fantastic damage)
Blue skill: TINKERBELL tinker bell encourages her strongest ally by sprinkling pixie dust on them and goes back to Peters shoulder when she leaves the ally tink sprinkled dust on dose ____ more damage and attacks the weakest ally for 13 seconds
Purple skill: LOST BOY for every time Peters allies loses energy he gains 30% attack speed every time peters green skill is activated he takes 2x the energy the enemy took and gives it back to the ally this effect will not happen of the ally is above lvl __


Purple move is Overpowered


And his blue skill and you spelled shadow wrong


The whole skill set is OP


There is no need to vote, they already making a good job adding new heroes.


Roger rabbit is who I could see fighting with me.


Simba takes my vote.


I vote Winnie

(Twenty characters)


Roger Rabbit. He’d be an interesting one I think.


Peter Pan and tinker bell


Winnie the Pooh
(I needed 20 characters)


Roger Rabbit. But I doubt they’ll add him


Weird selection you’ve picked out here. I’m assuming you made this before Scar and Maleficent were added, but even so…


Tarzan or mufasa. I know you didn’t say him but we need him


Speedy mcqueen and metar


Omg hercules and tarzan!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sa Sucrerie (ou Turbo) du Monde de Ralph


@RyanBrpughton_ would love to get Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Tangled Rapunzel and Jessica Rabbit


I vote for Chicken Little