Vote for one of this characters for next update!


I didn’t read the post rules earlier but when I read them I voted for the characters you said.


Are you guys serious…



Darth Vader
The best !!


Maleificent! She would be a really cool one!


Definetly goofy. Lets see some core mickey mouse bunch



is the best :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Classic toons please…robin hood and little john or arthur, merlin and archimedes would be great


I’d like to see Tarzan.


Touchstone owns the copyright to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but the film itself features both Disney and Warner Bros. characters. So, I believe every company that contributed to the making of this film gets a bit of credit, but Touchstone is the primary company.


This is hard! But i say Hercules


Just kidding lmao I vote all i dont care about your deal


I will take your vote for Robin Hood


Not caring you voted according to rules


But can’t they use it on the game!?


Its a joke. I vote hercules


Just went and read about it. Touchstone is a subsidiary of Disney. So they can freely use the rights for the game


Roger rabbit would be dope though


Yes they will


I would love Rodger Rabbit but I’m not sure if there would be a license issue


Roger is touchstone’s. And touchstone is a company owned by Disney. Movie and all