Vote for one of this characters for next update!


Do they consider our opinions?


I vote for Pooh Bear. My absolute favourite ^^


They probably don’t always but since we have these forums, people who work on the game might come here and read our opinions on things and possibly add stuff that we want and make improvements. Stitch is a really, really popular character, and we got him. Genie is really popular, and he’s coming soon.


I want to see mr. Potato head’s skill when he beats up creeps so I vote for mr. potato head


Read up to Maleficent. All else is moot.

1 Vote for Maleficent here.


Malelifecent plzzzzz


Scar…by the moment


Kronk from emperor’s new groove


Actually, Roger Rabbit is Disney.
He’s partially owned by Steven Spielberg though, so almost anything Disney uses him for, has to go through him.


Hercule IS the best !


Tank: Hercules
Support: Winnie the pooh
Damage: Goofy




Robin Hood and Tarzan!


Not an option mate
Vote for another


Guys, please read the rules before voting


Goofy, Mickey, or the one I really want, the Duck named Donald.


Darkwing Duck or Scrooge McDuck. Sorry don’t like any from your list.


Then why answear the tread?


Cause it aint illegal


Whinny the pooh is life plz get him in game