Votes for new charcters

Spider-Man can also be in the game and some Star Wars characters but i think that would be stupid for the game. However i want to see Rocky Gibraltar and Weezy from Toy Story 1 and 2, ( Air Arms S410 Xtra ) copy that link.

Star Wars characters could be possible, but I’d say leave that to SWGOH :slight_smile:

Baymax, Elsa and Stitch please!


Linguini with Remy! Like Sully and Boo


Dopey, grumpy, bashful, doc, sleepy , sneezy, happy


Big Hero 6 characters
Coco - Miguel, Hector, Ernesto, Pepita and Mama Coco
Moana, Maui and Tamatoa
Tarzan, Quasimodo, Herc, Alladin, Jafar, Hades
kingdom hearts - Sora, riku, kairi, King Mickey, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Ansem, Xenmas, Xenahort, Axel, Xigbar, Larxene, Marluxia, Vannitas
Shuri- Black Panther sister and the best princess


How about characters from Disney Channel (old school)? Like Kim Possible, Totally Spies gals, Phineas and Ferb (and Perry the Platypus pleaase!), or Jake Long from American Dragon. Miss them in action :persevere: they’ll make a good combat characters in this type of game imo


Please give use stitch and all the characters from his movie!!


Winnie the the pooh characters, more villains, and kingdom hearts!

I would love to see Stitch, Bolt, Thumper, and Robin Hood added.

Hope you’re watching Disney because I think these would be great additions, and I would pay for diamonds to get some of these characters.


Anna back line who can summon stone troll to fight for her.
White skill :she explode all the troll that she made.Deals 300 damage each troll.If she haven’t troll she will heals the whole team .
Green skill:summons a stone troll to fight for her.max 3 trolls
Blue skill:
Ana plants a seed in foremost enemy deals 500 damage.know when allies hit the that enemy will be healed .(They will give 35% of damage they dealed to health.
Purple: she will gets 200 basic damage for each troll she has.


Randy front line damage dealer who can use his skills very fast and kills weak enemy’s.
Randy from monster Inc
White skill: change his color and runs through the enemy’s team and deals 200 damage to them.then stay in enemy’s back line and use his skill on them then he gets back and deals damage again.
Green skill: smash his tail on the ground and deals 129 damage to nearby enemy.
Blue skill: make a clone of himself the clone will explode in enemy team and deals 200 damage to them.
Purple skill: after per basic attack he use his second skill .and gives second skill 30 damage.


Skills ) position middle
Ultimate:piggy plane
Controls his piggy space ship to back line heroes and deals 156 (at level 1) to enemy’s.
Green skill:nasal toxic
Knot a nasal to the first enemy .slows them by 25% and also reduce enemy armor for 4 second.
Blue skill : piggy bank
Throws a coin from his hole at weakest enemy deals 256 (at level 1 ) to enemy’s and also stun them for 3 second.
Purple skill: piggy rank
When he used third skill he can also throws another coin to an ally and heal him by 156-at level1.1527214037982


Stitch back line support who can put enemy’s to sleep with his guitar.
White:plays a song and put all the enemy’s to sleep of 4 second.
Green: plays a melody and gives an allies 300% Speed and 139 skill power.
Throws his doll to an enemy and deals 300 damage also fear enemy for 10 second.
His normal damage deals extra 100 musical damage.rock__n__roll____digital_version_by_rockingscorpion-d8x9v8m


We need another white mage type. White tier More foucus on healing special attack, green tier a second chance or revive for the next ability that brings back one fallen hero (only once and only one per quest) with 10% health, blue tier health steal of an opponent chance where all the health taken half of it is used to replenish health for the character or team, and for purple tier a clone of themselves summoning chance thats a fifth of their overall power/ability/health etc

Nobody mention Mickey Mouse The Greatest Icon on Disney businesses!? Please add this character : Mickey Mouse, Minny Mouse, Goofy. And Aladdin too! Aladdin, Jasmine, Gennie and Jafar :slight_smile:


Scrooge McDuck

White skill - Summon airplane, dealing big damage and stuns all enemies by 2 seconds.
(Normal hit)

Green skill - Throws a lucky coin, dealing medium damage to enemy. If enemy will be defeated by his coin amount of won gold from this battle increase by 20%.
(Fantastic hit)

Blue skill - Summon Huey, Dewey and Louie, dealing big damage and push enemies backwards.
(Normal hit)

Purple skill - Amount of won gold after each battle increase by 100%.


Disk: Gold searchers
‘More gold’
Basic attack: +200
Amount of won gold from battles increase by 10%(each star +10%).
At beginning of each wave all enemies are stunned for 2 seconds.


Inside Out - Anger :fire:

Aladdin - Carpet

Then, you know, Big Hero 6 please.

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And Dr. Doofenshmirtz too (+ his -nators) :rofl:


Some Villains like Ursula, Cruella De Vil also some characters from The Brave Little Toaster :slight_smile:


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