Votes for new charcters


Or even shoot her bow at her enemies with additional arrows as she levels.


I would very much like to see some more of the Disney villains in there as well.

For example: Ursula, Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, or even Jafar would be amazing :slight_smile:


People from Big Hero 6, lion king, cars 2 and Randal from monsters inc


This is my attempt at a new character suggestion!

HERO: Mr. Big - 'Zootopia’
Ranged back-line damage hero

Fantastic Damage A hole in the ground opens up beneath an enemy hero with the lowest hp, dropping them in ice cold waters, inflicting X damage.

GREEN SKILL: Taste Cannoli
Mr. Big throws a cannoli at an enemy hero in the frontline, reducing incoming healing by 20% and inflicting X damage.

BLUE SKILL: Polar Bear Backup
Mr. Big snaps his fingers and a polar bear bodyguard dashes through the enemy heroes, dealing X damage and knocking them back. The closer the enemy is to Mr. Big, the further they are knocked back.

PURPLE SKILL: For Gram-mama
When Mr. Big is taken out, he activates his Ice 'em skill one more time, even if he has no energy.



I would like Kim possible or Ron Stopable on game


How bout some Star Wars


I’d vote for hopper from a bugs life


Flynn Ryder
John Smith
Tinker bell
Peter Pan
Captain Hook
Cruella De Vil
Jack skeleton
The Rescuers


I like this Thread Post


What about all the characters from the lion the witch and the wardrobe


Remy from ratatouille, please! It would be fantastic!
Anyone ask for cars characters…i know the fell when you like soo much a pg but…i think cars doesn,t fit very well on a combact game honestly…


I would love to see characters from COCO!


Nightmare before christmas!!! Jack,Sally, oogie, etc.

New heroes

So we have got quite a few characters now, but some of them are kinda generic in their skills, ralph, jessie& eve for examples, and also skill like felix’s “honey glow” although is useful, it is not very fit to its characteristic. We also definitely need some more team energy filler rather than wall-e right? So here comes a thought of Stitch, it may be a very interesting character to think about skill and stat wise. Here are my ideas to increase some diversity and adding some randomness, if Stitch ever gonna be implemented into this game.
imageimage picture derived from google, but it’s from one of the cartoon episodes I believe, sorry for the copyright

Basic damage: high
Skill power: mild
Max HP: mild
Max energy:1000
Role: tank
position: mid
team: yellow, since yellow team contains characters with animals characteristics.

Skills: I leave those exact numbers since they will be increased via levelling up those skills.

Skill 1—(name needed): stitch switches to its alien form, and became outrageous, does———(massive)damage to random 4 opponents(four hands lol), while doing 10% damages to nearby allies if their levels are below ———. So basically a skill with positive& negative effects :slight_smile:

Skill 2— eat them: Stitch eats up random opponents attacks without losing his HP, and convert those damage to its energy(based on cartoon stitch eats almost everything), it will fail if the opponent skill level(yeah skill level, not opponent level) is above———.

Skill 3— Ohana: Stitch cheers the whole team up using his ukulele, gives allies ——— boost in attack, after that he checks his “doing-good-thing arm band” which shows a +1, and he gains——— energy.

Skill 4—cousins: Stitch calls random cousins to do their ability, it can be spaky which makes opponents paralysis, and etc. just gives all those effects like going to sleep, scare, paralysis, frozen, burned… There are ——— chance of calling 3 cousins at a time.
I hope you guys like it :slight_smile: Thank you!


I say star wars charcters, big hero 6 charcters, Avengers, charcters from Moana would be amazing, Cars charcters. I would like to see the Cars to fight in action. Frozen charcters won’t be a bad idea at all. Maybe the Little mermaid charcters. Sorry for these many ideas. I’m so excited to see new charcters in the game soon. Keep up the good work.


They have Star Wars galaxy of heroes and the new marvel game. Don’t really need those characters here.

My list is Darkwing Duck, Ducktales (original versions not the awful new animation), gargoyles, stitch, gummi bears, rescue rangers, Merida


Guys ! Toothless ???


Ohhhhh I’d totally spend money to get a toothless!!!


Does star vs the forces of evil count?


Yes, many side of DarkWing Duck