Votes for new charcters


I’d like to see lion king and avengers characters


I’d like to see:
The Lion King - Timon/Pumbaa, Simba, Scar
Hercules - Herc, Zeus, Hades
Big Hero 6 - Baymax, Hiro
Aladdin - Aladdin, Genie, Jafar
Frozen- Elsa, Olaf
Moana - Moana, Maui
Little Mermaid - King Triton, Ursula, Ariel


Captain Hook!!!

Scrooge McDuck



Who framed roger rabbit, you’ve just gotta get Jessica rabbit and roger rabbit in, Disney did the animation for that movie, and there are so many great characters, the baby, the judge etc


Yes to all of these!!

As for more recent characters… I would love to see the emotions from Inside Out as playable characters.
:grin: :sob: :nauseated_face: :smiling_imp: :rage:


Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and, because I really want to see how you’d do it, Finding Nemo! :smile:


We need older Heroes.
Dagorbert duck whos throwing coins or blame enemys with his money to reduce enemys Attack.
The beast From beauty and the beast as tank.
Darkwing duck.
Mickey as magician.
Chip and chap.


Baymax Nemo Micky mouse Tarzan and the raccoon from the Incredibles 2


Oh! Pretty Pleeeeease!


Did you make a hero in your mind ever ??
Want to share your own heroes …
Come to this THREAD!we can make many ideas and if the comment be New hero ideas than 100 we can confirm the developers reading our SUGGESTIONS!


Here some ideas for the New buildings!


He would be WAY to small unless the polar bear is carrying him good idea though


Kim possible, code kids net door


I want stitch!!! Who doesn’t ??? :laughing:


I honestly would love to see the big hero 6 characters as they can have a lot of roles in this game, and maybe a few characters from up as that movie was great as well. Make the Baymax and hiro characters a thing like sulley and boo. And try that with the old dude and the kid from up.


Baymax and Hiro :heart_eyes:


That does sound cool and neat idea, Fyr. But I don’t think the game designers will be able to put in those characters since they weren’t created or owned by Disney.


Stitch please He is so cool


Agreed! I’d love to see that. Maybe mushu.
Her first/(white) skill would be Avalanche. She fires a cannon out of the screen to summon it. Causing enemies to freeze and deal damage
Her Green skill could be firework damage. Aiming to the strongest powered enemy in terms of team power.
Her Blue skill could be Mushu can deal extra damage on enemies.
And for sure her last one would be called “Honor” for her purple skill. Allowing her to gain extra damage after an ally has been K’Oed. Just like Jack sparrow. But instead she can be probably shielded by her ancestors spirits.


Gadget hackwrench.
Gadget in her purple jumpsuit and goggles a bit more modernized with a high tech double sided wrench
Speical skill 1 (white)
Quick thinking. Due to Gadgets quick thinking she figured out a way to help heal and enerigize her allies and damage and deenergize her foes

skill 2 (green)
Wrench rush
Gadget goes berserk with anger and rushes all foes dealing multiple hits and reduceing armor and reality with each hit.

Skill 3 (blue)
Quick build. At the beginning of battle Gadget quickly deploys a small sheild generator for allies which recovers hp on hit and a turrent which fires bubble gum and jaw breakers and slows attack speed reduces movement speed on top of damage. during battle gadget will repair and enhance turrent up to 3 times makeing it fire faster and have more health and repair the sheild generator if destroyed. happens every 20 seconds

skill 4
Mega Gadget
Gadget gets in a robot mecha version of herself once reduced to 0 hp the first time which enhances all abilities by x skill power and enhances her basic attack, health, armor and reality and makes gadget immune to charm and freeze. When destroyed the robot latches onto the nearest enemy and explodes. Gadget rejoins the battle at full health via ejector seat.

Special Skill 1 Fairy dust
Tinker bell uses fairy dust to make her foes float and reduce or negate Crowd control effects on allies and heal allies a small bit because they believe. Damage enemies when they stop floating.

Special Skill 2.
Make something. Tinkbell makes something which backfires horrible or goes right. If it back fires damages wholes enemy team then puts a crowd control effect or debuff on enemy team. if it goes right heals allies and energises or buffs them.

skill 3
Melon run
Tinker bell calls on her friends help to drop water melons on enemies heads which do damage and get stuck causeing blindness.

Skill 4
Four seasons
Every 20 seconds tinker bell has her fairy friends change the seasons. Spring constantly heals allies for 5% of total team health divided by 5, summer ignites enemies doing dot damage for half the season and reduces movement and damage due to sun burns and enhances allies tenacity. Fall buffs movment and attack speed of allies and causes stun on enemies for half the season and reduces armor and reality, winter freezes enemies for half the season and causes dot damage from frostbite the other and increase allies armor and reality and health.

Bravery and fearless ( special skill 1)
Gurgi makes his allies immune to fright/fear and inspires his allies with a buff of increased skill powers and reduces enemies skill power

Sneekin and peekin (skill 2)
Gurgi becomes hidden and marks all enemies makeing normal damage crit on enemies for x time

Munchin & Crunchin (skill 3)
Gurgi eats something Munchin & Crunchin and shares with with his allies healing and energizing his ally and himself.

Skill 4
Black Cauldron
Gurgi scarifices himself to bring his allies back to life and do massive damage to enemies at the cost of himself. However Gurgi’s luck brings him back to life after a time.