Votes for new charcters


I would want Dante from coco,the demigod from moana and the abuela from coco


Well, How about…
Arlo and Spot from A Good Dinosaur, as a Damage character and being 2 stars
Miguel Rivera from Coco, as a Support character, him will heal with his guitar, then Yax would not be the only One
Dante from Coco, as a Damage character
M-O from Wall-E as a support character, something like Judy Hopps with her stats increasing ability
Syndrome from The Incredibles, as a Damage character and will use abilities like Buzz ones
That’s my little list ^^


Hero: Kermit the Frog - ‘The Muppet Show’
A back-line support hero who uses his banjo to make a sweet melody to help his allies in battle.

Stars: 3

Quote: “It’s not easy being green.”

White Skill: Rainbow Connection
Kermit makes a soothing melody that heals his whole time for X HP each for 2 seconds.

Green Skill: Sour Note
Fantastic Damage. Kermit creates a bad note and it flies toward an enemy dealing X damage and lowering defense to enemies who are under level X.

Blue Skill: Muppet Chaos
Kermit tries to control the chaos by silencing and stunning all enemies for 2 seconds to enemies who are under level X.

Purple Skill: Motivational Tune
At the bringing of every wave Kermit gives his whole team +X Skill points.


Star Wars and Marvel will not be in this game. They have their own desperate RPGs, and if you notice the loading screen says Disney/Pixar.


Kingdom Hearts characters would be so awsome Even if it was just one character for a special event.e.


Please add Gargoyles to this game.

I miss the red glow of Demona’s eyes.


They make this hero in the game Great! My ideas are working!STITCH


Maui and Baymax would be amazing :blush:


Randal of Monsters Inc will be a great character


Darkwing Duck, let’s see that in here.


I’ve got a new suggestion I don’t think I’ve seen suggested before.

Boss awesome.

He’s from big hero 6. (Fred’s dad.) And is also played by Stan Lee. I know we aren’t likely to get any Marvel superheroes (Even though Marvel is owned by Disney.) because from what I understand it’s being kept to just Disney and Pixar characters. But having this character that Stan Lee plays would be a very great addition and feels at least close to a Marvel character without actually being one.

From what can tell he seems like he might have super strength. But there isn’t a lot known about him so there is plenty of possibilities for him.


She will available on Next monthMERIDA


He will available two month llaterSTITCH


But they could bounce here and there. It would be high adventure that’s beyond compare!


Hey guys what is your favorite hero in the game??! Come to this poll and vote for you character Hey guys .What is the most liked hero in the game! Come to this poll and vote for your favorite!an we can find the answer! 12


Heck yeah! Merida and Stich! Can’t wait!


Hero: Agent P - ‘Phineas and Ferb’
A mid-ranged damage hero who uses his master agent skills to take down his enemies.

Stars: 1

Quote: Grrrrrhhhhh

White Skill: Hover Crash
Normal Damage. Agent P gets on his hover jet and drives through all the enemies dealing X danger to each of them.

Green Skill: Hat Toss
Normal Damage. Agent P throws his hat at a random enemy dealing X damage. After it hits the first enemy it hits to other random enemies dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Judo Grapple
Normal Damage. Agent P uses his grappling hook to grapple the furthest enemy then punches them 3 times dealing X damage each time.

Purple Skill:
Now ‘Hat Toss’ and ‘Judo Grapple’ stuns enemies for 3 seconds, the stun has a chance to fail to enemies above level X.


I definitely think Ferdinand should be in the game. Syndrome would be a great addition as well, he could summon his huge robot as a purple power and deal great damage.


where did you get that information from? did the devs post it on the forum? thankyou :slight_smile:


All the
winnie the pooh characters
Frozen characters
Finding nemo/dory characters
Some more toy story characters
some avenger characters
monsters inc/ monsters university characters
Little mermaid characters
Beauty and the beast characters
101 Dalmatian characters
Disney descendant characters
Robin hood characters
Great mouse detective characters
Lady and the tramp characters
Sleeping beauty characters
Brave characters
Snow white characters
Cinderella characters
Lion king/lion gard characters
Lilo and stitch characters