Voyd (Incredibles 2 Hero Concept)


Voyd navigates the battlefield with ease by creating vortexes for her to walk through and creeps to fall into.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I’ve been an outcast before, but now, with you being you, I feel like… ‘yay, me.’”

Entrance: A vortex appears on the battlefield floor, and Voyd leaps out of it, landing on the floor after the vortex closes.
Victory: Voyd opens a vortex and fist-bumps herself.
KO: Voyd accidentally punches herself through a vortex.

Basic Attack: Voyd punches enemies through vortexes.

White Skill - Vortex Ambush - Fantastic Damage
Voyd enters the enemies’ side of the battlefield through a vortex and spins to sweep them, dealing X damage to each one before returning to her position.

Green Skill - Mug Throw
Voyd juggles a DevTech mug using her vortexes, and sends it to damage the enemy with the most HP. The mug then shatters, dealing X damage to any enemy near the targeted enemy with the debris.

Blue Skill - Gateway Blockade
Voyd creates a vortex in front of and behind a random enemy, lasting for 10 seconds. If that enemy attempts to attack an ally, they will instead damage themselves.

Purple Skill - A Few Extra Steps
If Voyd reaches 25% her max HP and has not yet performed her “Vortex Ambush” skill, she will do so automatically and deal twice the damage to each enemy.

Red Skill - Pull It Together
Voyd’s attack speed increases by 10% each time she damages an enemy using any skill. However, she will use her Green and Blue skills at the cost of a Grande XP Drink fraction of her Hero Level.

Voyd + Violet
Campaign: Girls’ Night Out - Voyd and Violet have a whole night planned out for just the two of them. The only downside to this excursion is that creeps are constantly ruining the fun.
Disk: Best Night Ever
Disk Memory: Each time Voyd is granted additional HP, her attack speed increases by 15%.
Disk Power: Z reality, Z Blue Skill power

Voyd + Megara
Campaign: Touchy, Aren’t We? - Megara is trying to go on a peaceful stroll in the City, but she just can’t get rid of Voyd, who only wants to be friends with her.
Disk: Calling Card
Disk Memory: For 8 seconds, Voyd also silences the enemy she hit using her “Mug Throw” skill.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z max HP


This is so weird, I’m watching the Incredibles 2 right now and as I saw this topic Voyd just got introduced to Elastigirl :joy:

I love Void and the concept :heart:

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