Wabbit hunter (unlikely concept)

Elmer Fudd


2 star, backline damage

“Be vewy vewy quiet, im hunting wabbits”

Elmer Fudd uses his knowledge of hunting to take advantage of the battle and to hunt down any “wabbits” he sees fit to hunt


Entrance: Elmer tiptoes into the battlefield with his shotgun in his hands

Victory: Elmer points and laughs at the foe with his signature laugh

Defeat: his shotgun jams as he gets a defeated look on his face

Basic attack: shoots the target enemy with his shotgun, dealing X damage


White: I’m hunting wabbits

Passive: at the start of each wave, players choose an enemy to inflict “wabbit” onto then. The enemy with “wabbit” inflicted on them is the enemy that Elmer prefers to target with his basic attack while also increasing the amount of damage that Elmer does to that enemy.

If the battle is on auto, the enemy with the highest normal crit will be inflicted with “wabbit”

Active: Elmer shoots the enemy with “wabbit” inflicted to them three times, dealing X damage with each hit and decreasing their armor by 20% per hit.

Green: be vewy quiet

Whenever an enemy tries to hit elmer with a critical hit, Elmer shushes them which silences the enemy for 5.5 seconds.

If the enemy is the enemy inflicted with “wabbit”, their silence now lasts 5 seconds longer, the move now deals X damage and it decreases their armor by 20%

Blue: wabbit season

At the start of each wave after Elmer gets into position, he goes invisible for 10 seconds.

While Elmer is invisible, he cannot be targeted by any enemy even if they have “precise” on them. if he is attacked while invisible, Elmer will gain 15% attack power and the duration of the invisibility will be increased by 1 second.

Purple: that’ll hold him alwight

Elmer’s basic attack now crits whenever he uses it against an enemy with “wabbit” inflicted on them.

Red: hunter’s stance

Elmer gains X% armor and X% skill for each second that he is invisible.

“I’m hunting wabbits” now fires 3 more times when Elmer is under 60% of his max HP.
+X damage to “I’m hunting wabbits”
+X skill power
+X attack power


Elmer Fudd/Gaston
Wabbit games
increased power when threatened

Elmer gains X attack power and X skill power when he falls under 20% of his health.

Elmer Fudd/Ducky and Bunny
Badge of fluff
silences halves armor

All silences done by Elmer Fudd now halves the armor of the silenced foe.

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