Waluigi Time! (Unlikely Remake-cept)


Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“Waluigi time!”

This trickster takes to the battlefield with some powerful kicks and a equally powerful tennis racket to deal some damage


Entrance: Waluigi runs into the battlefield before then stopping and pointing at the enemy team then pulling out his tennis racket

Victory: Waluigi laughs as he looks upwards with both arms raised

Defeat: Waluigi crouches as he then puts his hand over his forehead with a disappointed look on his face

Basic attack: Waluigi whacks the nearest enemy with his tennis racket, dealing X damage


White: Striking Kicks

Waluigi kicks the nearest enemy 6 times before then hitting the enemy with one last hard-hitting kick and dealing X damage per hit, knocking the enemy back.

Each hit by this skill has a 45% chance to inflict 2 stacks of fatigue onto the target enemy. It is guaranteed to inflict 2 stacks of fatigue on the final hit.

Stacks of fatigue inflicted have a chance to fail on enemies above LV Z

Green: Game, Set and Match

Waluigi hits the nearest foe at full force with his tennis racket, dealing X damage to the foe, knocking the foe back and stunning them for 10 seconds.

If the foe is already stunned, they are instead inflicted with 2 stacks of fatigue.

Stun and fatigues have a chance to fail against enemies above LV Z

Blue: Coin drain

Waluigi pulls out his dice block and hits it from below which makes it land on -3, this deals X damage to all foes, steals up to 30% energy from each foe and gives it to random allies.

If an enemy is fatigued, the energy stolen is increased by 15% per each stack of fatigue on an enemy.

Energy stolen is less effective against enemies above LV Z

Purple: Sneaky technique

For each stack of fatigue on an enemy, Waluigi gains 30% attack speed and 30% crit power.

Red: Tall and lanky

“Game, Set and Match” now halves the reality of the target enemy if they have more than 3 stacks of fatigue inflicted on them.

Waluigi heals himself and the ally with the least health for X amount every time that he deals damage to a fatigued enemy.
+X damage to “Coin drain”
+X skill power
+X crit power


Electric court
more energy drained

“Coin Drain” now drains 5% more energy from each enemy.

Waluigi/Oogie Boogie
Dice drain
Fatigue lowers armor

Each stack of fatigue decreases the armor of the fatigued enemy by 10% per each stack of fatigue.

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