Wander over yonder sylvia

“I seen the fire got burnt out”

Bio Sylvia always ready for battle fights her enemies with her cool gauntlets and short temper

Stars :star::star::star:

Role frontline damage

Trial team blue

Entrance Sylvia enters with her orbble and pops it

Victory Sylvia punches her fists together like a fist bump

Defeat Sylvia sweats and frowns

Basic attack Sylvia punches an enemy 3 times

White skill the lady and the duchess

Sylvia does a jump and punches an enemy 4 times dealing x true damage each time this attack cannot be dodged and deals 30% more damage and deals 1 more punch than the last time she uses the lady and the duchess and stunning the enemy for 8 seconds

Green skill ticking timebomb whenever 10% of Sylvia’s hp gets removed she gets a fit and runs through all enemies 4-7 times which deals x true damage per hit to all enemies and gains x skill power and 25% attack speed for the rest of the battle every 2 hits

Blue skill even bigger blaster

Sylvia pulls out a lot of guns she found on the abandoned ship dealing x true damage for 8 seconds to all enemies this lasts 1 second longer per skill she used also sylvia gains 8% basic damage and x skill power per hit each hit has a 18% to dodge an enemy

Purple skill yeah champ

When Sylvia hits 30 times in total in 1 wave she jumps and does a big ground pound dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies also all remaining skill cool downs are reduced by 2 seconds

Red skill true battle grit

When Sylvia deals true damage she gains 8% skill power for the rest of the battle also when she defeats an enemy Sylvia uses ticking timebomb

Also whenever Sylvia uses her white skill she saps all enemies for 8 seconds

The sap has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with Wander wander over yonder concept

Wander wants to show Sylvia his favorite parts of the city while Sylvia tries to save wander from them creeps

Disk is called careful, buddy

Every 5 seconds Sylvia deals x true damage to all enemies per time she hit with her blue skill

Friendship with Ms. piggy fancy ball fight with those creeps also Sylvia partner is piggy

Disk is called fancy punchy brawl and shed when Sylvia crits she gains armor equal to 50% of her skill power

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