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With our War QoL work in progress our devs have some questions for you about War Chat. What do you guys like seeing in War Chat? What exactly would you like to see in the War Chat channel specifically. Is there anything you hate about it? If you wanted to have more information about the current war, lineup changes, how many people assigned\unassigned, the guild leader changes the target, etc?

This is not for big feature changes that’s a separate part of the War QoL this is just the team looking at things shown in War Chat.

Please keep this feedback to War Chat ONLY


Feature for target assignments. Pre war planning involves calling targets and listing them in the chat is tedious


Some ideas

  • auto posting when a car has been defeated (either offense or defense)
  • auto posting when a team has been defeated (either offense or defense)

You would need filters so guild leaders could turn those on/off like they can with “guild aid” auto posts.


That would be a tool and we’re just focusing on War Chat itself right now

I don’t really understand what you are looking for though?

War Chat is fine as it is. You can post off-duty heroes there (which honestly should be better displayed in the War layout but that is another story), and you can talk about defences or strategy there. You can pin post as anywhere else to keep things organized.

Like not sure what feedback you expect??


THIS!!! :smiley:

I feel this should be done in war cars itself. Possibility of a pinned post that can generate in war chat of the cars and targets highlighted that are undefeated.
9.1 Goofy McDuck - Guildmember 1 (self assigned)
9.2 Blue - Guildmember 3 (assigned by officer)
9.4 Green - Guildmember 6 (self assigned)
9.3 would be hidden if already defeated

7.2 etc

Just saw this as I was writing the above.
There is nothing else in war chat itself?
It is just a chat where posts can be deleted and posted.

Another guild wall for invasion or spars could be useful - off topic, but something that will help guilds a lot, similarly if we can pin posts in player chat that would be really useful.

Exactly what Lucas said, there is nothing else then to add?
Off duties and spars is the only thing it is used for and Off duties should be displayed throughout war in the war main screen permanently in my opinion - reduce the size of the car animation and place the off duties below / above.


War chat is the same as any other chat, except its on a different tab. I’m also confused on what you’re looking for then.


Saying War Chat is fine works too! That’s exactly what I want! If you don’t want any changes made that’s perfect too because then our devs can move on to the next part.


Enhanced spar feature that allows officers+ and posting players to remove a hero from the lineup after being posted.

@ feature to call on individual players

Posts that can be made to disappear automatically after a set time or by the end of the present war


This is just to say if you want any changes made to War Chat specifically. THIS IS NOT FOR FEATURES.

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If we’re not posting feature requests, what can “change” in chat that’s not a “feature”?

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Very confused…
and disappointed after my initial excitement when reading this to be honest.

It feels like you are asking if we like the layout of buildings. Like there is nothing wrong with it, but there can be improvements…?


If you wanted to have more information about the current war, lineup changes, how many people assigned\unassigned, the guild leader changes the target, etc?

This is not for big feature changes that’s a separate part of the War QoL this is just the team looking at things shown in War Chat.

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This is the only thing which could be added, send automatically (would be nice) directly to the war chat, not much else. :woman_shrugging:


One improvement I would like to see in war chat is in sparring. Sparring doesn’t take into account off duty heroes, heroes that you’ve set aside for other lineups, and it doesn’t let you see the opposing lineup for the spar. All that stuff has to be kept track of mentally which means the sparring process for war preparation can take 20 minutes when it should take 2-5 minutes.

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There is no data to back this up?
Assignments are done on paper and typed in.
So unless this feature is implemented first:

there is no way for this information to be available to post in guild war.

Still very confused to be honest Loutre


An automatic post when a car is defeated. If it’s in row one or two, then it should say that the next floor is open.


Maybe during active war, the chat could be coloured red here. Making it more visible and possibly making wars less forgettable.


Well rather something within war than in chat that gives leaders/assigned people some authority on maybe suggested targets or everyone the ability to pre select a target in the war screen.

For features for leaders however I would like the ability to suppress certain sabotages ie snails. So only some people have access.

On that note Id also like to lose the automatic ability of rank to access everything, people like to advance, but I dont like how the Tacticians for example automatically get the ability to change everything. Its like allowing the 2nd Lieutenant to change the entire war plan laid out by the General.

If we are simply talking about the War Chat room specifically. I dunno, maybe some auto-post of who is Off Duty, and the cars marked. I mean I generally post the following for example:

Top Car - Diva:

  1. 53.31m, 54.20m, 47.73m: 155.24m - Who is attacking them
  2. 48.39m, 37.75m, 38.51m: 124.65m - Who is attacking them

I think though that might be tricky as adding the who is attacking onto an autopopulated list would need the tools in War making the chat redundant.

Maybe something as basic as two more line breaks allowed. For example the above method if theres 6 in a car I need to add the first target to the header row, but if 7 in a car it wont fit and gets messy.

But I also think this needs to be viewable on the War Screen too, I feel a lot of people dont read it where it is, Ive even had people say they dont see it in the list of channels.

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Another change I would like to see, this is for sparring in general not specifically for war chat, is the ability to spar with a maxed out hero like you do when you introduce a hero. I would want to know if one of my really weak heroes would now be useful without spending the resources to just test them out. I would like to see that for any hero, not just the newly introduced hero. Again, this is not specifically for war chat, but since I mentioned sparring up above, perhaps it would be easier to add this in the changes.

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