Ways to beat Duck & bunny

Jessie have someone else how can beat them tell me

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Don’t use Jesse, she’s useless. Bogo with his Calhoun disk is a good way to buy time for your own D&B, and Aladdin can redirect the first laser.


Maleficent usually does a decent job. Find her useful for teams with Ducky and rafiki

What suver you ON im on 19

You can use Bogo (Ca), Finnick (Ju), and Yax (Fr/Fi). That is all I can think of.

Finnick + any front line disabler (eg. Mal) is a good way of stopping the first laser, Finnick slows them down long enough for the Forest of Thorns (or whatever it may be) to hit first.

Kamikaze Aladdin works reasonably well too but uses up a spot in the team for doing nothing other than dying

Bogo(Ca) is by far the best way, but that disk is uncommon to be leveled up on older servers

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Even with Genie disk equipped?

Someone tuff like bo peep can whack the Duck and Bunny

This is the only available D&B counter in S19:

Aladdin is the best option for now. As long as he’s alive, D&B’s attacks will be wasted.

Chief Bogo’s Calhoun disk stuns D&B and other frontliners at the start of the battle. You don’t need his skills, just his Calhoun disk.

Many people may disagree so I hid it.

IMG_20190731_194352 IMG_20190731_195413
Finnick and Yax tandem helped me out on PvP fights until I reached 70. But anyway, great team.


Or jack ok

Ok i ues jessie i think shes good but i have her at purple

Okay, if you say so. :slight_smile:
As long as it works for you. :wink:

Ok ty your nice

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I don’t disagree with the last two at all

S19 has a different meta. It’s hard to explain but, all experienced players uses this style.

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Ok are you on s19

I Changed it for all ideas

I am on server 1. There are more counters but server 19 has less heroes. The other counters are Baymax (Ol), Elsa (Ol), and Olaf (Mo). Basically use a freeze team. Oh and Ralph can stun D&B if D&B are slowed for enough time

Ok ty for ideals

You cry and you ask them nicely not to laser eyes your team to death.

They’re a pain for me too. Best counters I figured out from general consensus and trying it out myself were definitely Aladdin at purple or higher (the jump into the middle of the enemy team at the start of the round will turn them the wrong way and cause them to miss your team I think?) And Bogo. Didn’t have a disc for either but obviously they are a good idea if you have the option.

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