Welcome to the jam(unlikely concept remake)

lola bunny


2 star, frontline damage

“Don’t ever call me ‘doll’.”

Lola bunny uses her basketball skills to win big


Entrance: lola comes in with a towel wrapped around her before taking it off and grabbing a basketball

Victory: lola spins a basketball on her finger while putting one of her hands on her hips

Defeat: lola crosses her arms and scowls at the enemies

Basic attack: lola throws a basketball at the backmost enemy, dealing x damage.


White: slam dunk

Lola jumps and dunks an exploding basketball down onto the enemies, dealing x damage to all enemies.

Green: dribble the ball

Lola dribbles the ball away from the nearest enemy who attacks her.

Whenever she dodges an attack, lola attack speed increases by 200% for 4 seconds.

Blue: head strong

Whenever lola falls under 40% of her health, lola heals herself for x amount and increases her movement speed by 150% for 3 seconds.

Purple: team player

Every speed boost that lola gains now increases her max hp by 20%

Red: game on

“Slam dunk” now deals continuous damage to all enemies for 6 seconds.

“Head strong” now cleanses lola of all debuffs.


Lola bunny/goofy
The art of basketball
flaming basketballs

Lola’s basic attack now deals continuous damage to the enemy she hits

The new age
faster dodges

Lola now dodges 40% quicker

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