Wendy - Gravity Falls - Hero Concept


Wendy joins the battle, as she fights with her axe and slices all enemies for true damage.

“Well, I’m probably scarred for life.”

Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: Wendy swings her axe at the three most upfront enemies dealing damage

Entrance: Wendy walks in casually with her axe in hand, when in position she grabs her hat and puts it on.

Victory: Wendy slams her axe in the ground making it stuck, she then lifts both her arms up and begins to cheer.

Defeat: Wendy drops her axe and backs up quickly with 3 small steps with a frozen fear look in her face.


White Skill: Sliced :white_circle:
:shield: True Damage

Wendy slices down in the two most upfront enemies dealing X damage and making the hit enemies take 50% more damage from all sources for the next 6 seconds.

Wendy Additionally gains a 110% movement and attack speed increase for the next 8 seconds.

If Wendy hit any tank or damage role enemies she gains 250 energy and gives 150 energy to all allies as well.

Energy gain and give has a chance to fail on enemies above level X

Green Skill: Quick Thinking :green_circle:
:shield: True Damage
Every 5 seconds Wendy dodges any type of skill or basic attack, after she dodges she slices the 3 most upfront enemies sideways dealing X damage and slowing hit enemies attack and movement speed by 80% for 9 seconds.

If the enemies Wendy hit were tank or damage role they become blinded for 10 seconds.

Blue Skill: Flying Flapjacks :large_blue_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Wendy eats a flapjack, granting her X hp and 350 energy. Afterwards Wendy grabs 5 pancakes and throws 1 at each enemy. Wendy deals X damage and steals 50 energy and X hp per flapjack. Wendy shares the hp with all allies but keeps the energy for herself

Tank and damage role enemies hit have their attack and movement speed slowed by 100% for 7 seconds.

Wendy takes 80% less damage from all sources while performing this skill.

Slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: Tough Cookie :purple_circle:
Wendy deals 60% more damage to all tank and damage role enemies and 20% more damage to all other role enemies.

After every skill Wendy grants herself a shield that blocks X hp.

Shield has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Red Skill: Axe Mayhem :red_circle:
At the beginning of each wave Wendy grants herself a shield that blocks X damage and then simultaneously shoots out 6 basic attacks. Afterwards she give herself a 60% attack and movement speed increase for 8 seconds. Whenever Wendy gains a speed increase she gains X basic damage.

Wendy can not miss her basic attacks and blinds no longer affect Wendy.

“Quick Thinking” Now applies 3 stacks of weakness to enemies hit. Each stack of weakness an enemy has takes X more damage from all sources.

+X Max Hp
+X Tenacity
+X Danage for “Sliced”

Weakness stacks have a chance to apply on enemies above level X



Wendy and Shank
Every Basic attack Wendy gains 30 energy.
Wendy Also heals X hp when she performs “Sliced”.

Disk Power
+X damage to tank and damage role enemies
+X Healing from “Flying Flapjacks”

+7% Increase in Energy gain
+10% Increase for the heal

Allies: Aladdin, Robin Hood, Slinky

The Small Things

Wendy and Minnie Mouse
Every 3 seconds Wendy heals X hp
Whenever Wendy applies a shield to herself she blinds all enemies for 5 seconds.

Disk Power
+X Max Hp
+X Basic Damage increase when We dry blinds an enemy

+8% Increase for the blind
+11% increase for the heal

Allies: Honey Lemon, Frozone, Vanellope


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