What an unusual view. Pink elephants hero concept

Seeing things that ain’t could give even the toughest creep an awful fright. And that is what the pink pachyderms desire.

Row: back

Entrance: a bubble floats in and transforms into a pink elephant a second elephant comes out the 1st one’s trunk and a 3rd one comes out the 2nd’s trunk

Victory: the elephants huddle and begin playing the trumpet with their own trunks

Defeat: the elephants pop back out of existence as if nothing happened


Basic attack: the front elephant will pull out some cymbals and smash the nearest enemy.

White skill: SEEING THINGS
The 2nd elephant will stretch out his trunk and a parade of elephants will come out and damage the enemy. This will also scare the enemies.

The elephants will merge into one giant elephant and crush the enemy.

Blue skill: WHAT A SIGHT
All three jump into the air and come back as a creature made out of elephant heads and leaves the enemies frozen in fear.

Purple skill: PARADE IN BRAID
The elephants can revive after being beaten and stun the enemy. then they deal reality to their allies.

They will become more powerful when attacked and also have a chance to heal to max when they use “what a sight”

Friend: Oogie boogie

Campaign name: terror ten-fold

Story: Oogie uses the elephants to scare everyone around him into submission.

Allies: lock shock and barrel, The dancing skeletons and Randall

Friend: hopper
Campaign name: fun loving fears
Story: hopper decides that he will need an army that can strike fear, doesn’t question or talk back, and is very strong and powerful. Now guess who he finds…

Allies: Foxy Loxy (1943), nega duck, and the horned king

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