What do you enjoy about DH?

Hello everyone! We’ve been asking mostly about what to improve on recently that you all have given us amazing constructive criticism to work with and now we want to know what you enjoy the most! This is a NO constructive criticisms thread too we ONLY want to hear about the things you like about DH.


The vast amount of heros and friendship story’s

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The only thing I enjoy in this game is all fun and simple stuff. While many ppl criticize and be all negative and doubt about things they should be grateful for the game existence.

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Can you be more specific here?

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I find the whole team so amazing and wonderful !
I don’t have all the words to describe my feelings about that.


Could it be revealed what is the purpose of this thread? :thinking:
Will the info be used for something… or…?

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It’s so we know what you enjoy most. Sometimes we also want to hear the nice things everyone enjoys about the game.


Very much for me

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I do generally like the progression system with Red Skills, Battle Badges and Patch Heroes (even if they slightly feel not fully integrated into the pre-Red system) and I am sure the Yellow QoL will better up at the very least the second progression, maybe some systems will have a bulletproof scaling in the future :slight_smile:

I would enjoy more heroes per cap raise if that was possible (and yes I know Loutre, don´t hammer me again please)… I just feel like getting 1 hero per cap raise and sometimes two is a bit low when we were used to two or more all the time.

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My favourite things about the game are:

1.) Guild war, I love putting teams together with my favourite characters and trying to mix and match them depending on who works best together. Sometimes they aren’t the best teams strategically but I just feel satisfied watching the 5 I matched together in action :sweat_smile:

2.) Friendship campaigns, it’s always fun to see more stories about the characters (and new stories between characters from different IPs!)

3.) Refreshes!! And new heroes. Always fun to speculate and so exciting when a favourite character comes along or gets refreshed.

4.) Also — said it before many times, but I am always amazed by the art in this game.

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I’ve been playing for over two years. I love DH, because I’m still playing - other games flopped after a day, a month, or year. DH keeps me interested, keeps me upgrading, and has me login in at least 2x a day to do my dailies or some feature.

I go into Pokémon Go and have nothing to do most of the time. So I appreciate that I can go on DH and do my dailies just like the last 800 days and not be bored!

I also like that it’s a mobile game. It’s nice putting some time in on the couch or moving somewhere else. I also play Path of Exile, which I can only play on my gaming computer.


I enjoy the team-building and ability synergies, and I enjoy when Refreshes bring new life into battered old heroes.

I also enjoy the story content, both the main campaign and friend campaigns, especially in those moments where it really nails the characters’ personalities in amusing or interesting interactions.

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  1. Friendship campaigns - seeing heroes which never before (and likely never will) interact between is very nice, these stories have some work put in them to them and it’s very appreciated, the dialogues are very good too.
    Here is one of my favourite…

  2. New Badges - (well, used to be) having 20 new badges every 4 weeks was very nice because of the references to the movies and TV shows which will likely never have any characters, all these references were very nice, and I am very happy that Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 was included in of these badges, as well as TV shows like Amphibia and The Owl House (Hooty!), I really hope new badges will return because they were the best part of cap raises. They are very good as avatars too!

  3. All these characters! It’s amazing that we have so many exclusives like Kim Possible characters, Agent P, the Sanderson sisters, Bolt, The Rocketeer, and possibly more. Great that the team thought about expanding available IPs and hopefully they will continue to explode and add more TV shows and movies. Very thankful for Kim Possible characters and Bolt, the childhood memories. :heart:
    Very close to 200th hero, any celebration?

  4. Refreshes are very… refreshing, and now since there is so many of them there is big shake-up in the meta every month, making a lot of heroes actually good and giving the game a fresh air.

  5. Gameplay (fighting) is simple, not overcomplicated.


I started playing because I love Disney and Pixar and was looking for a strategy game at the time as Pokemon Go was getting too resource and time intensive for me

I love playing with the characters I grew up with and watching the movies and seeing oooo That’s where that skill comes from

What I love most is the different skills, mods, disks
One hero in a lineup changes it completely - and this is why I keep playing - finding a line that works in war, Arena, Coliseum
It might take 10 minutes or 2 hours, but there is just a feeling you get when you struggled to find a counter and then it works and you wonder if it will work in war
And then it does, and you sweep a target way stronger than you!!
And I really love that old characters are coming back and being refreshed with new things (red skills, battle badges, patches) and it is already clear that the usable heroes are expanding quickly

I don’t really read the stories to be honest, I am mostly here for the strategy - but sometimes I catch a glimpse of a conversation between two totally random characters and it does make me smile

And then the people, most important
Because honestly, I would not still be playing after 4 years if it were not for the people I met along the way. Chatting to them daily, and even those that do not play anymore still keep in contact on discord or whatsapp.


I like the ability to turn off global chat and control to which chats give notifications (even though this doesn’t work most of the time-showing older messages on screen when a new message is posted to the chat channel).

I like the Guild Perks concept (and hopefully we’ll see a Guild Perks\Management update soon) and Guild War. I really like Guild War and I can’t wait to see the Guild War QoL update soon.

I like Collections. It makes me use heroes (even if only on Invasion Breaker Quick Fights) that I normally don’t use. Plus with my obsessive\completionist personality, I need to finish all of the collections so it gives me something to focus on during the day.

I like Badge Booster boxes a lot. Having to grind for badges that could take the full stamina rewards of multiple days (assuming not using stamina packs) is really grindy and tedious, so having the Badge Booster boxes helps alleviate some of the grind.

And lastly, I like the variety in heroes. I’ve watched movies on D+ just because there’s a character in the game that I had no idea who they were or I didn’t recognize that version of them (due to remake or such). Since I started playing the game, I’ve watched Jungle Book (I read book and saw original movie as a kid), Tangled, Emperor’s New Groove, Hercules, Coco, Treasure Island, Bolt, Onward, Maleficent, The Black Cauldron, Inside Out, and Princess and the Frog – just because of the in-game characters.


My absolute favorite thing about this game (and the thing that got me into this game in the first place) is the crossover aspect of the game. There are not anywhere near enough “crossover” Disney games that actually explore characters of different franchises interacting with each other the way DH:BM does, and getting to see these interactions in dedicated storylines that are also an integral part of how these characters play is incredible.


Now that I think about it… an interesting question would be for you @Loutre :smiley:

What do YOU enjoy about DH? :slight_smile:
I think we´d like to hear that as well if possible.


Here are my fav things to do in DH

Team building
Increasing my power little by little
New refreshes on old heroes (such as baymax. I enjoy using him a lot now since you made him useful)
And chatting with vip members and my guild members

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I love the team building and friendship stories! My favorite behind the scenes thing is getting to see the team decide on what animations/poses to use for the Heroes.


Well, I like that the DuckTales and Darkwing Duck characters are rendered and animated the way they were in their original shows - though I’m hoping the rest of the Justice Ducks and Fearsome Five will join in some day.

I also appreciate having characters like Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Demona, and Prince Phillip.

Friendship campaigns are a nice feature too, but I’d prefer if I could choose one ally, rather than be given three randoms, since they tend to be characters that I haven’t bothered levelling or promoting. Also, my V.I.P. status causes me to skip to the last level in every chapter, so I sometimes miss part of the story in older ones. Its also been kind of a turn off, how some of the later ones - like Rapunzel’s with Flynn, have the same exact description of every level in a chapter.

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