What happened to battle pass

What happened to battle pass. I thought that it was getting refreshed at the 1st of every month. Does anyone know something about it?

No new Hero yet, and since there’s usually a rotation upon this introduction, the Battle Pass is on a short hiatus atm.

I was just waiting for the battle pass because it’s a source of useful things that I needed even if you don’t buy the premium.

From the Update 5.8 Patch Notes:

  • Battle Pass changes
    • We’re currently working on major adjustments to the Battle Pass that will go live with the next client update
    • More info will come as we finalize the changes, however, please be informed that the Battle Pass will not be immediately available at the start of February
    • In short, there will be no Battle Pass for the first few days next month!
    • We’re aiming to get 5.9 Patch Notes out to everyone by February 2nd, so stay tuned!

Basically what Jody said but

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