What pixar villain should join the game

Randall Boggs is the only pixar villain in the game
(I don’t know if you can consider zurg a villain)

Mention that villain pixar would like you to be in the game

For example, i think it should be syndrome.

Syndrome is coming out soon see


I personally thought syndrome was annoying, but he would make a good character

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Personally I think either Chip Hicks or Jackson Storm is your best bet, but if you wanted a sleeper choice: Charles F Muntz from “Up”

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Both of them, with Lotso, Hopper and Ernesto de la Cruz

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chip hicks is more classic

Two moves for Syndrome would be him summoning his robot and the other one being like Buzz’s anti gravity cage except Syndrome’s glove picks up the enemy team for a few seconds stunning them after!!

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I would like to see Auto from Wall-E in this game


That would be awesome.

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I can imagine how it would be Auto in the game

Could lotso? be added he was the worst vilian in the toy story franchise or its unlikeley since toy story have added 8 charthers allready

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These are a few disney Pixar movies

Incredibles(like you said,syndrome)

Finding dory/nemo(not really a villain there)

Toy story(possibly the purple bear and his crew,the chicken dude from alls toy barn with chicken and modern clothes as alternate costumes,stinky pete)

Up(that evil dog,the old man villian)

Coco(the skeleton musician)

Cars(chick hicks)

The good dinosaur(thunderclap)


A bugs life(hopper)

Monsterd inc(Along with randall this guy!)Mr_Waternoose|360x450


How do you get these pictures?

The man in the chicken suit named al maybe stincky pete could be added instead since al is regular human

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@Hero_Squad did the Kida-Hercules friendship & screenshot Syndrome’s cameo in it

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He is still not in the game data so I don’t know when he is gonna be released!

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Most likeley 1.16 when charther having cameo in the game it means whoever he or she is should be added soon

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Hopper would be a great villain - one of his skills could be to throw mass amounts of grain kernels at his opponents.

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I think maybe they should add screen slaver maybe dr a from cars also maybe kaa

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I think it would be could if when the Incredibles heroes got charmed they had the screen slaver mask on!!

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