What? Why? (CR Ocean Series 7/10)

Squid Ink Cookie


“Not me…”

Despite having no memory and looks adorable than they sound, Squid Ink Cookie is a definite fear for the enemies. They can grow in size to deliver great pain on the opposing team.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Crawls from the ocean
Victory: Finds a coin on the ground and starts to comfort eat
Defeat: Cowards a bit and tears up
Attack: Sneezes ink bubbles which fly over to the targeted enemy

White Skill: Hungry Sea Monster (Normal Damage)
Squid Ink Cookie transforms into a giant squid and slams their tentacles on the enemies, dealing X damage to them. If enemies are blinded they take an extra X damage.

Green Skill: Treasure Hunter
Squid Ink Cookie eats a gold coin, healing X HP and cleansing them of all debuffs. While eating the coin they get ink all over nearby enemies, blinding them for 9 seconds. If enemies are already blinded their attack speed is slowed by 45%.

The blind and slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Blackish Tears (Fantastic Damage)
Squid Ink Cookie begins to wail inky tears, dealing X damage to nearby enemies. If they are blinded they are knocked back and blind enemies for 9 seconds they come in contact with.

Purple Skill: Inky Memories
Squid Ink’s basic attacks, “Hungry Sea Monster” and “Blackish Tears” now has a 45% chance to blind enemies for 7 seconds. When Squid Ink damages a blinded enemy, they gain 70 energy.

The blind chance is further reduced against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Cute Destroyer
“Hungry Sea Monster” now removes X armor from enemies damaged. If they are blinded they also lose X reality. Squid Ink keeps 50% of the armor and reality removed for the remainder of the fight.

Every time an enemy is blinded, Squid Ink Cookie gains 10% attack speed for the remainder of the wave, up to 100% attack speed increase.

The attack speed has a chance to fail if the blinded enemy is above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Skill Power
+X Armor
+X HP healed with “Treasure Hunter”

Friendship Disks:

Squid Ink-Hank and Dory
Forgetful Friendship
Disables Remove Tenacity
+X Reality
+Blinds remove X skill power from enemies
• Disabled enemies lose 5 (+5 per star level) tenacity and evasion for the rest of the wave, stacking with other disables.

Squid Ink-Peppermint
Path Finders
Heal When Enemy Is Blinded
+X Basic Damage
+X Armor to Squid Ink and allies
• Allies heal 1.6% (+1.6 per star Level) of their Max HP when an enemy is blinded.
• +10% (+10 per star level) Improved Healing

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