Who Are You? (Likely Concept)

Name: The Caterpillar

Quote: “Who. Are. You?”

Description: The Caterpillar uses his smoky visions to scare and damage enemies on the battlefield.

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Stars: :star:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Caterpillar smokes a ball at an enemy.

Victory: The Caterpillar smiles.

Defeat: Caterpillar rapidly smokes and disappears.

White Skill: A,E,I,O,U


The Caterpillar puffs out some letters and attacks all enemies, stunning all enemies for 12 seconds and dealing X damage.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Green Skill: Crawling Crocodile
Caterpillar Skill #2

The Caterpillar puffs up a crocodile and sends it to the enemy with the most HP, scaring them for 14 seconds and dealing X damage.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Blue Skill: A Smokey Counter
Caterpillar Skill #3

Once every 7 seconds, The Caterpillar dodges a melee attack and counters by smoking a puffy cloud at the closest enemy, knocking them back, dealing X damage, and stunning them for 10 seconds.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Purple Skill: A Smokey Feeling

When he reaches 50% of his max HP, The Caterpillar is “precise”. Precise heroes can target invisible enemies and their attacks cannot be dodged or evaded. When The Caterpillar KO’s an invisible enemy, he gains 120 energy.

The energy gain is less effective if the enemy is above level X.

Red Skill: Helpful Hints

If an ally scares or stuns an enemy that is already scared or stunned, The Caterpillar increases the duration of the disables by 5 seconds.

The increased duration has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Battle Badge:

Is Charged When: Stun is Applied to 5 enemies

+X Skill Power
+X Basic Damage per Control Hero

  • Berserk (for self)


The Caterpillar/Alice

Disk Name: Learning Lots

Disk Symbol: One of the glasses creatures from the Alice in Wonderland movie, colored teal.

Campaign Name: A Thing or Two

Description: Alice decides to teach The Caterpillar about what life is like in the city, like what he has done to her.

Allies: Rapunzel, John Silver, Vanellope

Scared Enemies are Blinded

  • -X Skill Power to enemies while blinded

  • +X Basic Damage to BLUE Team Allies

  • When an enemy is scared by The Caterpillar, he also blinds them for 2 (+2 seconds per star) seconds

The Caterpillar/ Carl Wheezer

Disk Name: Clean and Free

Disk Symbol: A Green Inhaler.

Campaign Title: What’s that Smell?

Campaign Description: Carl Wheezer is afraid of a new allergy that just occurred in the city. It turns out to be the smoking by The Caterpillar.

Allies: Sally, Timon & Pumbaa, Madam Mim

Hex Scared Enemies

  • +X Basic Damage

  • +X Max HP to The Caterpillar and Allies

  • If enemies are scared, The Caterpillar Hexes them for 3 (+3 seconds per star); if enemies attempt to use their active skill while under the effect of “Hexed,” they will be stunned for 7 seconds.


What disk would you use?

What disk to choose?
  • Alice
  • Carl Wheezer

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Is he like, always Precise?

This is incredibly strong, but it’s only for melee attacks so

Well tbf, so is Robin Hood with his Red Skill, so it’s not unprecedented. :man_shrugging:

Oh, didn’t know that. Fair enough then

Well, Robin does not gain Precise until he is red, and this is a permanent precise at PURPLE.

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