WHOEVER's helping the heroes


I’ve been playing the tutorial a lot of times, and this conversation always catch my attention.

Frozone mentioned about computer programs (I think it’s the app) and Yax mentioned about powering chips (releasing heroes and adding stars).

Does the ‘whoever’ that Vanellope mentioned refers to us, the players, who’s been helping them at the campaign? Or maybe it doesn’t sense. I’m curious.


In later campaigns (like 12 I think) they come across a little something. :wink:


Wish there was a way to look back on the storyline, I never paid too much attention when I played it through


Yeah, right, like the conversation in friendships that you can read again.


Chapter 12 revela more and I am gonna know more at the end of Chapther 13…

Yah I never realized there was a story till about chaoter 4 :sweat_smile:


Your kidding me lmao


Sadly, I am not. They just had the words. I didnt see them. I knew that every now and then they had converdations with their “virused” friends and family, but I didnt know about anything else…:confused:


I cannot look into that part yet since I am stuck at chapter 10, and I also remember that the hero felt the power growing when we upgraded her rarity. I don’t know if it was Vanellope or Elastigirl.


Wasnt it Elastigirl??

Cuz Vanelope is the first hero sorta rescued?? And Frozone is the first one that comes from a crate. Ralph is the first one there with Vanelope, but then she got captured so…


Ok, I’ll sum it up for those of you who haven’t gotten there yet, but I may be off a little.

After finally finding a working computer, the team has found the secret base of a group of good guy hackers who were there first. Then you meet the main antagonist (from what I can tell, since I’m still in late chapter 13), who has been trying to get there for a while and was led there by the heroes.



I bet it has something to do with the bell tower??

Quasimodo isnt ringing the bell, so who is? dun dun dun!!


Jk jk plah their friendship campaign to find out what is going on…but at least Quasimodo is already in the city!!


I really like this thread so I’m watching. Keep going with the storyline :heart:


Isn’t Quasimoto from Phinias and Ferb? The little duck thingy


…I am embarrassed to be in the same forum as you.


It is Quasimodo. He is from the Disney classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a 1996 American animated musical drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. The 34th Disney animated feature film, the film is based on the 1831 novel of the same name written by Victor Hugo. The plot centers on Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame, and his struggle to gain acceptance into society. Directed by Kirk Wise and Gary Trous…

This message is courtesy of, Wikipedia!!!


@The_Eavesdropper, does that chapter give a hint that we’re included in this game’s storyline?


I love how this thread is progressing, but the thread’s main question is left unanswered.


Nope, it doesn’t.
(20 Characters)


Oh… I’ve seen that movie just not for a while… Sorry :sweat_smile:


Does someone know about a creep named The Inventor?