Who's your friend that likes to play

Bing bong

2 star, mid-line support

“It’s a shortcut, you see? D-A-N-G-E-R. Shortcut!”

Bing bong uses imagination to help his friends


Entrance: bing bong cartwheels into the battlefield then he tips his hat with his trunk before he gets into a fighting position

Victory: bing bong squeals like a dolphin and claps his hands

Defeat: bing bong turns abstract and tries to run but he falls over and breaks apart

Basic attack: bing bong throws a memory orb at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


white: wild wagon ride

Bing bong pulls in his wagon and then gets in and rides it into the enemy lines while singing his theme song, this deals x damage to any enemy that is in the way of the wagon.

Green: bottomless collection

Bing bong pulls out and throws several items out of his bottomless bag including a boot, an anchor, a trumpet and the kitchen sink

Each item that bing bong throws has a different effect depending on the item that is thrown last

Brown boot: no special effect
Anchor: knocks the enemy it hits back and stuns the enemy for 5 seconds
Trumpet: silences the enemy that it hits
The kitchen sink: deals major knockback and stuns the enemy hit for 7 seconds

Blue: a mean nose

When under 20% of his health, bing bong blows his nose like a trumpet which silences all enemies for 8 seconds and heals himself for x amount.

Purple: 2-time world champ

“Wild wagon ride” now applies “abstract” to all allies which turns all debuffs that the allies has into buffs as well as healing them for x amount per second.

Red: D-A-N-G-E-R

All heals to bing bong from him or his allies are now also redirects to his allies as well while also increasing his max health to x amount when allies are healed while they have “abstract” applied to them.

“A mean nose” now speeds up allies when they have “abstract” applied to them.

+X damage to “bottomless collection”
+X armor
+X max HP


Bing bong/joy
Wagon fuel
cannot be sapped when abstract
Allies: Anger, Rapunzel, Wall-E

Allies who have “abstract” applied to them are now immune to being sapped.

Bing bong/king louie
Swinging imagination
Stronger “bottomless collection”

“Bottomless collection” now has a chance to cause two random effects depending on the two items thrown at the enemies last.

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