Why does Quorra wear high heels? A humor topic


This is meant for humor, but why does Quorra wear high heels if she is going into battle? Seems a bit impractical really.



At least she’s not naked like a bunch of other characters. (Genie, Yax, Sulley, Mike, WALL-E, EVE, Olaf, Scar, Stitch, and Rex)


Yeah i guess so lol


If she was the game would be r or teen.


I guess so, probably, just seems impractical, is she that worried about her looks?


She’s not human, remember. Maybe they’re built into her? (I haven’t seen Tron, forgive me.)


I havent seen Tron either, but that is always possible.


Have you ever just looked at all the characters feet (or lack thereof) and just…stared for the longest time at how weird some of them look?



Some of them have some pretty creative feet and/or body parts


And some lack body parts ( wazowski )


Its Its how she looked in tron and some charecters with high heals are good at fighting


Also Genie isn’t naked he is wearing pants Wall E and EVE are Robots and they technicaly have metal armor Yax Sully Stich and Scar have Fur you no like cats and dogs in case you don’t know Olaf is made of snow and has Buttons and Mike isn’t from our world he lives in the world of monsters so he can do whatever he wants Rex is a Toy Dinosaur
Also are you telling me you put Clothes on your pets



They all are, by definition, naked. Genie is not wearing pants. He doesn’t even have legs! Yax and Stitch don’t count either, as Yax is a naturalist and it even says in-game he’s naked, and the aliens where Stitch is from wear clothes regardless of fur or not. For Mike and Sulley, some monsters wear clothes. For example, they wear jackets in Monsters U. Olaf is still naked, coal buttons don’t mean anything. Rex doesn’t count either, as the other toys wear clothes. The whole argument about the nakedness of certain characters is meaningless and devoid of intelligence.


Although, to be fair Stitch does have an outfit to give him clothes…


Yes, the aliens in Lilo & Stitch wears clothes, but pretty much all of Jumba’s genetic experiments don’t wear clothes: Stitch, Angel, Sparky, Leroy, Reuben, Yin and Yang, Gigi (unless you count her bow), etc. And Stitch frequently wears clothes, just not in this game, unless you count his costume. In the movies and shows, he wears is red space suit, Elvis suit, hula skirts, etc.

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@The_Eavesdropper You need to go watch Aladdin again cause Genie can transform into human form where he has legs and has pants he doesn’t wear a shirt tho

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Once again Rex is A toy dinosaur he’s made of plastic Wall E and EVE Accully are not naked cause if they were you would be able to see there wires and what not and olaf has Buttons that resemble Clothes that’s why we put buttons on snowman and Sully And Mike are from a world of monsters they can wear clothes but they don’t need to cause there not from our world And Yax once again is animal he has has fur and if you have Fur in our world your not really naked but we don’t have Fur so we have to wear clothes


Yes, about the fur, Merida cleared that up for us.

“You’re covered in fur, You’re not naked.”

do not argue with merida or else…

slices finger along neck


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Is it really worth arguing about this? :roll_eyes:


Hey, they can argue as long as they stay on topic. I just wanna watch, laugh, and put in my ignored comments every once in a while :wink:

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