Why is gogo been held for release

@Loutre can you explain why gogo is a month off when the first week rewards payout hasn’t even happened yet and to double dip on silver from elite and challengers is kind of boring and it’s also sorta false advertisement since gogo shows arena and coliseum as place to get her

Go Go is going to be available as the Arena & Coliseum Challenger Season Reward starting with the next season on August 11


the season started

Jumba was like that as well, same with Tron…

It´s not. Prepare for the surprise!

I agree this is stupid and will take too long to get her.

By the time she will be available to get and the time it will take to collect her hero tokens to rank her up and upgrade her red skill people would have moved on to another new hero that would have come out after her. She would probably have a counter by then as well

But why not just release her a week before the next season in August or just released her last Tuesday so we could have her by now? :thinking:

Be patient. She will come out soon eventually.

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All I know is that I’m going to save up my diamonds to get her in the wish crate

Aren’t characters gotten in an exclusive way omitted from the Wish Crate? Like the challenger and special crate characters? Or am I remembering it wrong?

I could have sworn it was only the month characters though. If that’s the case I’ll be devastated!

From that Patch notes:

What sets the Wish Crate apart from other crates is that it can award you with hero chips for exactly the hero that you want, including a possible Jackpot of 300 hero chips! Each player will be able to select almost any hero with a few exceptions like the Sign-in Hero or event exclusives. Along with the other rewards, the Wish Crate will only award you with hero chips for the hero you choose.

not sure whether Challenger hero is considered event exclusive though


Well, does anyone remember seeing Silver appearing as a possible choice when wish crates were around?


I feel like I would’ve picked him if he was there because it’s going to be a long time before I get to Challenger. But I picked Fairy Godmother.

No, John Silver was not there.

Go Go won´t be there either. But getting her chips will be rather easy at Challenger tier anyway.

But almost impossible for everyone else. I find it very stressful and dumb for only having one character to literally be unaccessable.

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